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Fiery first-rounder Watkins the perfect choice for Eagles

As first-round draft picks go, there might not be a more perfect marriage between team and player than the Philadelphia Eagles and Danny Watkins.

Watkins, a guard from Baylor and as complete an interior lineman as the draft offered, gives the Eagles precisely what they needed in terms of position and skill set.

The quick feet and exceptional balance he developed while playing hockey in his native Canada and left tackle in college help him to excel in pass protection, typically the most difficult area for a rookie to master. In addition, Watkins has enough power and explosiveness to be highly effective blocking for the run.

Another factor that makes this a perfect pick is timing. Watkins joins the Eagles in the same year they hired Howard Mudd, one of the greatest offensive line coaches the NFL has ever seen. Watkins' background as a firefighter in British Columbia helped enhance his work ethic and grunt-like mentality that Mudd utilizes to the fullest in guiding his linemen.

And it was no small consideration on the part of the Eagles' decision-makers that Watkins is ideally suited to block for highly mobile Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Watkins blocked for a highly mobile quarterback at Baylor in Robert Griffin.

"The way (Vick) can scramble, I don't think is going to change the way I block," Watkins said. "Robert Griffin liked to scramble around and do the same thing. I don't think I'll be in for too many surprises when it comes to that."

What did surprise Watkins was that Vick was among the first people to greet Watkins at the team facility after he was drafted.

"I think that just speaks about the character he has," Watkins said. "When you have that kind of quarterback behind you to motivate you and support you and wants to go to work and get things done, it definitely motivates you to get things done."

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