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Favre's family members insist QB retired for good this time

Brett Favre is indeed done playing in the NFL. At least that's what those closest to the 41-year-old quarterback believe.

"I would say there's less than a 1 percent chance (he would return)," Favre's brother, Scott, told the *Sun Herald* in Biloxi, Miss. "He is retired."

Said Favre's mother, Bonita: "I would hope he would not do it. He is crazy if he does."

Those comments came last week, shortly after senior analyst Gil Brandt expressed his belief that Favre would listen if any teams expressed an interest in having the quarterback return for a 21st NFL season. Brandt later explained that his view was brought on by pre-draft reports of Favre wanting to mentor No. 1 overall draft pick Cam Newton.

"I don't think that you make an inquiry to work out somebody or help somebody develop as a player in a coaching way if you don't have something in your mind about coming back to play," Brandt said Wednesday on NFL Network. "And then I think he probably looks around the league, and there's a lot of what ifs. What if Seattle doesn't sign (Matt) Hasselbeck and (offensive coordinator) Darrell Bevell, who was his coach at both Green Bay and at Minneapolis, is there?

"They need somebody to fill that spot, I think Favre is enough of a competitor that if somebody said to him, 'Come on, come on in, we can use you. You might not be a starter,' I think he would come out of his retirement."

Favre has come out of retirement twice, first in 2008 to play for the New York Jets after 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, then again in 2009 to join the Minnesota Vikings. Last year, Favre reportedly was leaning toward a third retirement, but some teammates flew to his home in Hattiesburg, Miss., and convinced him to play.

Favre struggled in his second year with Minnesota, throwing for 2,509 yards and 11 touchdowns with 18 interceptions in 13 starts before sustaining a season-ending injury. He filed retirement papers with the league in January.

Favre currently holds the NFL records for passes completed (6,300) and attempted (10,169), passing yards (71,838), passing touchdowns (508) and passes intercepted (336). He also tops the list in games started (298), sacks taken (525) and fumbles (166).

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