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Father's Day gift guide

Don't look now, but it's already June.  Father's Day is fast approaching and you're at a loss as to what to get your old man. Well, fear not. We've scoured the NFL Shop and other resources to find the perfect gifts for the dad in your life. If you want to save yourself some time and trouble, just get your old man a subscription to DIRECTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. That's the sort of gift that keeps on giving long after Father's Day is done. But, if your dad is a little harder to shop for, keep on reading. In honor of Father's Day, take a look at these NFL dads and their families. To make things easier, the list is broken down by various types of fatherly figures.


Your dad is the standard dad, and you love him for it. Shirt and tie to work, glass of scotch at night, golf on the weekends. He's Mr. Reliable and always has an answer or advice when you need it.

Get him...


A stylish necktie could be the perfect gift for your dad to sport his team colors on casual Friday or when business pulls him away from the couch on Sunday.


If he can't swing the fancy tie at the office, how about letting him represent his regional pride out on the links? These golf club covers are also a subtle way of encouraging your dad to stay active by getting him out in the sun.


What do you get for the man who already has everything he needs and tries to tell you he doesn't need any gifts? How about something simple and affordable? The team desktop organizer could work wonders for keeping his life in order at home or the office while showing a little team pride.


It could be argued that the only thing your dad loves more than his family, is his favorite team. And if this describes your dad, here are the best items to get him to make sure this Father's Day will be one to remember.

Get him...


A little more expensive than the other options, but you only have one dad. This could be a combined gift with siblings to give your old man the perfect perch to watch games on Sunday afternoons. He'll be the envy of the men in the neighborhood when he sits atop his NFL throne.


Assuming he doesn't buy into the "grown men shouldn't wear jerseys" rule (which for the record, is completely false), show him your love by snagging him the jersey of your team's hot young player or top draft pick.


These vary depending on the team, but wouldn't your dad swell with pride when he opens up that signed Lynn Swann photo from Super Bowl X? Find a fitting collectible for your dad's team and reap the rewards of living in his good graces for the rest of the year.

The Eccentric

Maybe your dad isn't the ultimate guys-guy, or he prefers to read comics instead of stat almanacs for pleasure. If that's the case, some of these gifts might be up his alley.

Get him...


So your parents prefer wine to the more traditional fermented beverages that football fans consume. Who cares? Show your dad you know him well by getting him this handy wine tote in his favorite teams' colors.


If your dad doesn't want football paraphernalia to dominate the house, this toaster might make sense. It's understated, but still shows his team pride. Plus, who wouldn't want to jazz up breakfast with a team logo on their toast?


Now, while the picture might look a tad, well, hideous, if your dad lives in a cold-weather state this might be just the ticket for him. He could hop right from the shower on Sunday mornings into this get-up, so he can comfortably (and warmly) watch football all day.

Party Central

Everyone knows one of these guys, and if he happens to be your dad we hope you embrace it. This is the guy who rarely lets the party calm down, and is the ultimate host when it comes to delivering food and beverages to those in need. If this is your dad, these are the gifts for him.

Get him...


Or as it's more affectionately known in the Midwest and other regions, cornhole. This game is a tailgating must for true fans, and if your dad is putting together the tailgate trips or gameday barbecues, you'd be remiss if you didn't add this staple to his repertoire. If he wasn't already the envy of the neighborhood, he will be.


The perfect addition to any man-cave or tailgating envoy. What shows your team pride better than venturing into an opponent's stadium with your personalized mini-fridge filled to the brim with delicious beverages? Nothing.


I'll be honest, I didn't even know this thing existed. But when I found it on the NFL Shop, my eyes were opened. If your dad is making sure his friends and family stay hydrated on Sundays, this is a great accessory to get. It quickly takes a beverage from room temperature to the ideal drinking temperature. That's some good engineering right there.

Lastly, if nothing on this list seems like a fit for your old man, we apologize. You can't please them all. And for that, there's Ebay, where you can find frightening items like this.

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