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Fantasy Instant Debate: Decker, Edelman or Nicks?

Of Eric Decker, Julian Edelman and Hakeem Nicks - which has the potential for the biggest 2014 season regardless of team?

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  • Michael Fabiano Fantasy Editor
  • Decker best poised for 2014 success

All three of these wide receivers are going to be valued based on where they're playing next season. Would you prefer Decker in Denver or with the New York Jets? No brainer. But all things being equal, I have to go with Decker over Edelman and Nicks. He's the lone wideout in this trio whom I think can hold some of his value away from his current team. Edelman is best served in New England with Tom Brady, and I'm not even sure what to make of Nicks. I like him to end up in Carolina, which would be a good fit in both fantasy and reality. But would I draft him ahead of Decker? Heck no.

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  • Marcas Grant Fantasy Editor
  • Decker has more upside than most

The fear and loathing over Eric Decker's fantasy future should be put on hold. If he indeed leaves Denver, the biggest dropoff is likely to be in the wideout's touchdown numbers. But that was likely to occur even if he remained with the Broncos. Peyton Manning isn't likely to duplicate his 2013 season. Nonetheless Decker can still catch 70-80 balls regardless of his situation -- a number Edelman never came close to until last season. And unlike Nicks, Decker doesn't come with a recent history of injury issues.

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  • Adam Rank Writer
  • Don't fear a Decker decline

Eric Decker is going to come with the biggest warning label as he will likely take a step down going from Peyton Manning to another quarterback. Though, all will not be lost if he went to Andy Luck and Indianapolis. But honestly, I'm not concerned about him at all this season. Sure, his production might take a dip outside of Denver. Pretty much anybody would. But Decker had eight touchdown receptions during his second season. When he played with Tim Tebow. So I'm not going to let the quarterback change worry me too much. If anything, I would imagine most of the folks in your league will end up fearing Decker will struggle and thus, you might have yourself a nice little bargain.

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  • Jason Smith Writer
  • Edelman should continue to blossom

I'm not going to lie - I'll take my chances with Edelman before I reach to draft Decker or rely on Nicks despite his brave talk about redemption.

Decker will be signed as a number one, but never having been one before in the NFL, he's a risk. A 2013-Mike-Wallace-type-season could await.

Nicks can tell me he's ready to prove himself and that he's over his knee and foot issues, but he was pretty healthy for most of last season and had a worse contract season than DeSean Jackson. I'd take a flyer on him late, but it'll be after I draft Edelman, who's blossoming. Wherever he ends up he'll be a focal point of the passing game, and if it's with the Patriots he'll be drafted as a low-end No. 1 fantasy receiver, especially in PPR leagues.

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