Fantasy friendly Week 9 matchups: 51 player preview

This week's fantasy preview is brought to you by the 'phrase of the week' which is (drum roll please) "With so many teams on a bye..." You've probably heard it a thousand times already and are going to hear it a lot more leading up to this Sunday and next since 12 teams are off in this two week span.

Get ready to hop on the struggle bus with the rest of the fantasy world because the waiver wire is looking pretty crummy in the heart of these big bye weeks. So you, me and everyone else are deploying players that would be riding the pine otherwise. But that's why you're reading this right? To absorb some advice on which players are the best options in such a tough week. Hopefully a few of the words below can help you out somewhere along the line. You know, that's how I look at life. If I can help just one fantasy team per week get a win, then I'm really making a difference in the world.

OK, enough philosophical ranting about life and making differences and all that. Here's the Week 9 fantasy preview in all its glory. Get to it!

Matt Franciscovich is an associate fantasy editor at Follow him on Twitter @m_franciscovich. He's making it a point to use the word "crummy" more frequently in every day conversation and in fantasy articles. Deal with it.

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