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Fantasy football trades: Chris Johnson will gain value

Every Wednesday, I'll share with some of the trade submissions sent along to my twitter account, @MattMoneySmith, so you can see what types of exchanges are being forwarded to participants in fantasy leagues.

There are a few trades that were so overwhelmingly one sided I barely want to respond, but I feel the need to confirm that the tweeter who sent it along did read it right, and wasn't missing anything before striking first, striking hard, and showing no mercy. Others do in fact present a true conundrum, one that warrants some credit or criticism in the comments section regarding my conclusion.

Here we go!

Is Ahmad Bradshaw for CJ2K a good trade #moneytalksnfl? -- @akakkilaya

Money: I love Bradshaw, especially with David Wilson having the fumble problem at Va. Tech and then again in his first game. Coach Tom Coughlin won't put the ball in the kid's hand unless he trusts him and that means a lot more work for Ahmad Bradshaw. Still, Chris Johnson had one bad game against a Patriots defense that is vastly improved. Wait one more week, CJ.5K will show up, and you'll get more value if you still want to move him.

Do you believe in Matt Ryan this year and should i be starting him over Cam Newton? -- @BEJ1033

Money: I've been getting a lot of "should I trade _ quarterback because I have Matt Ryan as his back up". The answer is an emphatic "NO". I was in Kansas City calling the Atlanta vs. KC game, and Ryan was a surgeon. Sure Tamba Hali and Brandon Flowers were out, but it's apparent that Ryan has the best weapons in the NFL. Julio Jones will be top five, Roddy White will finish in the Top 15 and Tony Gonzales will be a top 10 tight end. That offense is stacked. Roll with Matty Ice and get some value for the quarterback you took ahead of him.

Should I trade Victor Cruz for Spiller?? - @acollazo414

Money: This goes for all the C.J. Spiller questions I received. Slllloooowwww down. We have no idea what Chan Gailey will do with Spiller once Fred Jackson is back from his knee injury, and that's likely happening no later than Week 6. Why would you get rid of a wideout you took in the second round for a guy that was drafted in the seventh, and ran all over a Jets defense that had a 30 point cushion to play with? Slow down.

Would you trade jordy nelson for Wes Welker? - @macgrubb23

Money: No. Jordy won't have the same season he did in 2011, but he also won't slip outside of the top 20. With Greg Jennings in a period of his career where he gets dinged up more and more, Jordy is without question the No. 1 target in the most prolific passing offense in the NFL. He's the Packers best red-zone target, and he'll end up with over 1,000 yards and 10- plus touchdowns, that's not something you give up.

B. Marshall and Lynch to get AP, A. Brown, and Locker. Good deal? - C_Garcia14

Money: I'm way high on Adrian Peterson, and upset I didn't go harder after him in a couple of my leagues. But let's put things in perspective. He had a solid game versus a Jacksonville team that was one of the better defenses in the league, but by no stretch did it compare to the 49ers or Steelers. You're giving up a comparable asset in Marshawn Lynch for AP, and Brandon Marshall nets you a flex level wide receiver and bye week quarterback at best. Marshall will finish in the top three this season. Basically, it's way too much to give up. Way too much.

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