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Fantasy football: The Shame Report for Week 2

Time once again to shine white-hot light of shame on those who deserve it most... and a lot of guys deserved it in Week Two. There was so much fantasy-style shame, I felt compelled to add a Dishonorable Mention list:

Jay Cutler's loud mouth (and his right arm), which combined for 2.4 points; Jermichael Finley (.6 pts); and Larry Fitzgerald (who gets a pass because of the guys who pass him the ball).

Alright, with that out of the way... let it begin!


Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions
Two weeks to put up 20.5 fantasy points? Unacceptable! If I wanted those kinds of numbers, I could've just grabbed Andre Roberts off the waiver wire. (Another week or two of this, and we're gonna have to start seriously considering the possibility the Madden Curse has claimed its latest victim.)


Darren McFadden, RB, Oakland Raiders
The good news: McFadden hasn't gotten hurt. The bad news: McFadden hasn't done a whole lot with all the touches he's been getting. (4 points last week?) Worse news: we can almost guarantee he will get hurt at some point. (Meantime, though, Mike Goodson is the only Raiders runner to score a touchdown so far.)

This week's Get Out of Shame Free Card - which can be used should you find yourself in any future shameful situation - goes to...

Eric Decker, WR, Denver Broncos
No, he didn't have a spectacular Week Two, but his catch late in the fourth quarter on Monday night gave me a fantasy win by .35. Thanks, Decker! Now...back the shameful.


Dave Dameshek
Like Jerry Orbach says to Patrick Swayze at the end of 'Dirty Dancing', "When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong." I feel I've let you down, Fantasy Universe. In the preseason, I pushed you to draft KC WR Jon Baldwin. I told you he'd finish 2012 ranked among the top 15 WRs. So far, Baldwin hasn't delivered (0 catches in Week 1, 3 for 62 in Week 2). That puts him closer to the bottom 15. C'mon, Jonny, you're makin' me look bad.


San Francisco 49ers Defense
Patrick Willis, Aldon Smith, Justin Smith, et al. are absolutely dominant… which is absolutely terrible if you're big fantasy guns are going against them. They even slowed down Aaron Rodgers, which I didn't think anyone could do. You think Adrian Peterson stands a chance against them this weekend? If you do, you... are wrong.

And at #1, earning the Brown Paper Bag of Shame...

Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee Titans
I hate to say I told you so... Oh, wait. No, I'm not. Hey, Fantasy Universe: I told you! You're back in good standing, Dameshek! Seriously, though, I don't think this thing's gonna turn around - at least in a big way. Even if the Titans offense does get going, remember that Jake Locker is great runner. Ergo, he'll take a lot of goal line TDs away from Johnson. Anyhoo - put the Brown Paper Bag of Shame over that head, Chris.

You've earned it.

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