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Fantasy football: Robert Griffin III shouldn't be traded

What do you think I can get in a trade for Robert Griffin III? - @HertzmanS (via Twitter)

Michael Fabiano: The questions I would ask you are as follows: What is your other option at quarterback? Does it make sense to make a deal? Are you trading from a position of strength in an attempt to improve a position of weakness? Griffin III is the highest-scoring player in fantasy football, so if you do trade him it should be for nothing less than an elite player. That means the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster or Ray Rice (to name a few). If you're looking to deal him for multiple players, they need to be both productive and consistent. Otherwise, trading a quarterback of RG3's caliber simply isn't recommended.

How do you deal with the hate you received last week? I wouldn't want your job! Oh, who should I start between C.J. Spiller and BenJarvus Green-Ellis? - D. Olivia (via Facebook)

M.F.: It's all part of the job. Luckily, I would say that about 95 percent of the people who follow me are great, awesome, intelligent and understand that no one can predict the future. I just give out the information for you to process. Then it's up to you to decide what to do with your lineup. I could be right 90 percent of the time by telling you to start the stars like Rodgers, Foster, Rice, Calvin Johnson, etc., while also advising you to sit Blaine Gabbert, Mike Tolbert and Armon Binns. But how does that help anyone? With that said, some people out there need to relax. This is fantasy football, not life or death. It's supposed to be fun. I've been in this business for a very long time, and I really love the fact that fantasy sports have become so popular. But some people (we like to call them "trolls") just go too far. I can't even post some of the feedback I received over the weekend because it was that vulgar, insulting and disrespectful.

And the trolls don't stop at just fantasy analysts, these cowards go after players too. Did you see the tweets DeAngelo Williams received last week? I also know for a fact that tons of other players have received "hate tweets." I have talked to players who don't like fantasy sports because the trolls denigrate them on social media after a bad week. Really? Is your life so pathetic that you need to blame someone else for playing the wrong guy in your fantasy league? Guys like myself, Adam Rank and Jason Smith don't hit submit on your fantasy team. You do. All the information we provide is based on facts and trends. Furthermore, if you feel the need to be negative and post hurtful words, I'd prefer you didn't follow me at all. In fact, you might want to replace the time you use playing fantasy football and get yourself some anger management therapy.

Again, most of the people out there are great and I appreciate the follows and kind words. I get no greater pleasure than helping you win fantasy championships, and I'll continue to do that as long as I can. But to the trolls out there, well, it's time to realize that most people couldn't care less about your fantasy team. However, fantasy analysts are here to help. If you don't want the help and decide to be rude, please kindly go away.

To answer your question, I would start Spiller against a Tennessee Titans defense that has allowed an average of over 22 fantasy points per game to running backs in 2012.

Should I be concerned about starting Andre Johnson? He hasn't done anything this season! I can bench him for someone like Josh Gordon or Devery Henderson. - W. Hall (via Google+)

M.F.: It's tough not to be concerned about Johnson. After all, he's on pace for just 66 catches, 954 yards and five touchdowns. Those would be some of the worst full-season totals of his career. It's not that much of a surprise, though, as the Houston Texans have become a run-first team. Matt Schaub also said that opposing defenses are gearing their game plans to stop Johnson from beating them in the pass attack. Another problem here is that based on his current projections, no one is going to offer you much in return for Johnson if you decide to trade him. On a positive note, he does have a great matchup in Week 7. The Ravens come to town with some serious question marks on defense due to injuries, as the team has lost LB Ray Lewis (triceps) and CB Lardarius Webb (knee) for the season. After the bye (Week 8), Johnson then faces vulnerable defenses like the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions in future weeks. In the immediate future, I would continue to roll with Johnson over Gordon and Henderson.

Should trades be vetoed? Most of our league thinks we need that option, other disagree. - @Fildo22 (via Twitter)

M.F.: I am of the opinion that most trades should be allowed. Trades are a huge part of the fun of fantasy sports, and it's ridiculous for a commissioner to overturn a trade that isn't Rodgers for T.Y. Hilton (you get the idea) or doesn't stink of collusion. That is basically because as I mentioned earlier, no one can predict the future. Let's look back to the 2010, when Chris Johnson and Andre Johnson were the cream of the fantasy crop at their respective positions. If I had offered Arian Foster and Brandon Lloyd for those two stars in the preseason, I would have been laughed out of the league. Guess who scored more fantasy points that season? It wasn't either one of the Johnsons. Now, let's look back two years earlier. If I had offered LaDainian Tomlinson for DeAngelo Williams at the 2008 midseason point, again, I would have been ridiculed. Williams went on to score 20 touchdowns and was a better option than even the great L.T. down the stretch. So while I do think that vetoing trades should be allowed in extreme cases, I also believe most legitimate deals should be processed.

Is there a running back on the waiver wire I can pick up and start this week? - M. Krause (via Facebook)

M.F.: I can offer you several potential options, though I'm not expecting to see any of them produce monster numbers. Felix Jones is the best of the bunch, as he'll replace the injured DeMarco Murray for a favorable Week 7 matchup against the Carolina Panthers. Alex Green, William Powell, Vick Ballard and Daryl Richardson are also free agents in most leagues, and all have come into bigger offensive roles for their respective teams. Green led the Packers in carries on Sunday night and looks like the runner to own in fantasy leagues. Powell was the bell cow for the Arizona Cardinals last week, and an upcoming matchup against the St. Louis Rams is favorable. Ballard also has a nice matchup against the Cleveland Browns, and he's the lead runner in Indianapolis in the absence of Donald Brown. Richardson shared carries with Steven Jackson last weekend and has looked like the better and more explosive option in recent weeks. Again, I'm not expecting any of these runners to become the next Ryan Grant circa 2007, but at least the opportunities will be there.

I have been offered Adrian Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald in exchange for Alfred Morris and Calvin Johnson. Should I make the trade? - F. Wellson (via Google+)

M.F.: It seems like an apples for apples deal to me. Peterson and Morris are a wash (that's not a misprint) for all intents and purposes, as both runners are the featured backs for their respective teams and producing at a nice level. However, one could argue that you lose out on the trade overall by sending Johnson away. He's still a better fantasy option than Fitzgerald, especially with the current state of the Cardinals quarterbacks. As a result, I would stand down.

Is it time to sell high on Jordy Nelson, or would you keep him on your roster? - @oski1177 (via Twitter)

M.F.: Everyone knows my philosophy on making deals - if you're not trading, you're not trying! So if you feel like you're strong at wide receiver and you need help at another position, Nelson's value isn't going to get much higher after his huge performance against the Houston Texans. In fact, he scored almost as many points in that contest (30.10) as he did in the previous five games combined (36.90)! I still don't think Nelson will come close to matching the 15 touchdown catches he recorded in 2012, so if you get a sweetheart of a deal it makes sense to move him.

With Matt Ryan on a bye, I need to start either Josh Freeman or Russell Wilson in Week 7. Thoughts? - E. Stafford (via Facebook)

M.F.: Wilson was one of the highest-scoring players in fantasy football last week, posting three touchdown passes in a huge win over the New England Patriots. But do I want to start a rookie signal-caller against what figures to be a salty San Francisco 49ers defense? No thanks. As a result, I would side with Freeman. While he has been inconsistent at best this season, the Kansas State product is coming off a monster performance against the Kansas City Chiefs. He also has a favorable matchup next on the schedule against the New Orleans Saints, who have allowed an average of over 20 fantasy points per game to quarterbacks.

Cam Newton has a terrible matchup this week against the Dallas Cowboys. Would you start Alex Smith instead? - X. Kuon (via Google+)

M.F.: I want nothing to do with Smith against the Seattle Seahawks, who have one of the better defenses in the league. Sure, Newton has not been as good this season as he was during his rookie campaign, and a matchup against the Dallas Cowboys isn't favorable for the quarterback. I just have more faith in Newton to come out and put up a good stat line than Smith, who has been inconsistent and unreliable from a fantasy perspective. Just ask those owners who took a chance on him in Week 6.

Who would you start in Week 7: Steven Jackson or Mike Williams? - @SergioChavez02 (via Twitter)

M.F.: It's time to be honest about Jackson. While he was once a great fantasy runner, his best statistical seasons are in the rearview mirror. He has already started to lose carries to Daryl Richardson, and a matchup against the Green Bay Packers isn't overly favorable. On the flip side, Williams has scored three touchdowns this season and has 100-plus yards in each of his last two games. With a great matchup against the Saints coming up, Williams is the more attractive option.

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