Fantasy football notebook: DeSean Jackson not a first-rounder

Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson doesn't want you to win your fantasy football league. That's the only reason I can ascertain after he appeared on NFL AM on Thursday morning and encouraged fantasy enthusiasts to take him in the first round.

Yeah, I think he was serious.

Jackson was a hot-pick in 2011, when a lot of people tore their rotator cuffs reaching for the receiver who was coming up on a contract year. If you've followed sports, like ever, you know players in contract years tend to perform their best in order to get a fat contract (see Gary Matthews Jr.).

But Jackson went the other way and performed below expectations. (Though his position coach believed Jackson took it easy and avoided big hits to make sure he made it through the season unscathed.) Even so, Jackson is a low-end WR2 option, and Jeremy Maclin actually makes more sense.


Our Bert Breer is in Colts' camp and he said Andrew Luckhas been impressive. Obviously, this is akin to saying the New York Yankees spend a lot of money, but it's a point worth noting because many fantasy enthusiasts would like to add Luck or Robert Griffin III as a QB2 this season.

While Luck has looked sharp in camp, our Daniel Jeremiah said on Wednesday RG3has had his ups and downs and takes way too many sacks with some forced throws mixed in.

If you want to add one of these guys, Luck is the best bet. Many overlook his athleticism, so he can escape the rush and he's going to throw the ball a ton. Oh yeah, his coach isn't crazy, either. Seriously, if Kirk Cousins ends up starting a game in Washington because of #shanahanigans, it wouldn't surprise me.


Your Darren McFadden injury update: He's good! Wait, let me check .... yep, still going strong!

" The Dallas Cowboys secondary looks much improved according to Ian Rapoport, and you might not believe it has an impact in fantasy football. But the porous secondary meant the Cowboys were in a lot of shootouts in 2011. If the defense plays well in 2012, the Cowboys could grind the clock late in games. This isn't enough to shake me from Tony Romo, but something to consider.

" Tim Tebow is running goal-line sets with the New York Jets, which should surprise no one. This really nukes the value of Mark Sanchez who had a career-high six rushing touchdowns in 2011. Not that anybody was going to draft Sanchez anyway.

" Denver Broncos WR Eric Decker injured his hamstring on Wednesday and was limited in practice on Thursday. This gave extra attention to Demaryius Thomas who Peyton Manning glowingly talked up. This is good for us. Decker is going to be the better receiver over the long run. But anything to give opposing owners pause is good for us. Decker will still be a ADP stud. Thomas has some hope, but he's going to have some inconsistencies like Pierre Garcon.

" Our Gregg Rosenthal jokingly asked for the fantasy impact of the Cleveland Browns' sale on Thursday, and while it won't have a direct impact in fantasy, we could see the dawn of a new era in Cleveland with a coach who appears like he will be all-in. Something the Browns have missed since their resurrection.

" San Diego Chargers RB Ryan Mathews returned to practice. Mathews is a darling of the preseason rankings, but let's be honest here, it might be wise to handcuff him with Ronnie Brown, who has looked good in camp.

" Congratulations Darren McFadden, looks like you made it through again!

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