Fantasy football notebook: Chargers' Ryan Mathews injured

San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was at practice Tuesday night, but he didn't work out, according to reports. Mathews was involved in a minor two-car accident on Monday night and was taken to the hospital for pain. Drugs and alcohol are not suspected in the accident.

There are only three "sure things" in fantasy backfields this season -- LeSean McCoy, Arian Foster and Ray Rice -- but Mathews is my No. 4 back. I never understood the rap he got because of his injuries considering he did play in 14 games in 2011 (compare that number to Darren McFadden's seven, yet people continue to jump feet-first on Mathews).

That said, the injuries to Mathews are not much of a concern to me, but people who make bad decisions are. Driving too fast is something easily correctable as long as he gets his act together.

Mathews will remain my No. 4 back, but I'm going to keep an eye on his behavior in camp. The Chargers have lacked discipline in recent years and there's talk of this team finally turning it around. But I want to see it on the field, not in tweets and sound bites.

Chad Johnson makes a solid first impression

You have to love the start of training camp, as teams are given a new slate and every squad is a contender. And speaking of new starts, Chad Johnson is considered the best receiver in training camp with the Miami Dolphins.

But with apologies to Dennis Miller, being the best receiver in Dolphins training camp is akin to being valedictorian of your summer school class. Just who is he competing with for this coveted spot? Davone Bess? I mean, I love the Rainbow Warriors as much as the next guy, but there aren't many fantasy options lining up wide for the Miami Dolphins.

So it's wonderful Johnson is doing well -- we are rooting for him, but I'm not sure he's going to mean anything to your fantasy season.

Quick slants

» Your daily Darren McFadden injury update -- he's still good. Wait, let me check … yep, he's still good! Congratulations to McFadden.

» Bert Breer was in Atlanta Falcons camp and reported that the club is going to let it fly (sorry, I'm required to drop at least one bird pun per notebook according to my editor). Roddy White is listed higher in our rankings, but Julio Jones figures to be an ADP gem this season and it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up with more points at the end of the year.

» Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Laurent Robinson is one of the early favorites for bust of the year, and reports of Robinson struggling early certainly aren't going to help. Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey called out Robinson and suggested it could be the pressure. Or maybe it's the quarterbacks. We all make fun of Tony Romo, but this is certainly a step down for Robinson.

» Jerry Jones is furious with Dez Bryant (I'm cleaning up the language here, because I don't like to work blue on this site). The talent is there for Bryant, but when players make poor decisions in life, I tend to avoid them in fantasy drafts. Maybe Rank's 11 likes to do things a little differently, but I just can't take the chance. If I have the choice between Bryant and a guy like Marques Colston, I'll take the latter because at least I can trust him a little bit more.

» Michael Lombardi is reporting that Jake Locker is in the lead to be the starter for the Tennessee Titans this season. Locker is not a candidate for a QB1. But when you are looking for a QB2, someone like Locker could be valuable as a matchup-based guy. Look, you know what you're getting from curtain jerkers like Mark Sanchez and Matt Schaub. So I'd rather have a high-ceiling guy like Locker.

» Ian Rapoport is in the Bay area and he reported that Randy Moss isn't a lock to be a starting receiver for the San Francisco 49ers. Don't let nostalgia get to you, though. Moss will work best as a decoy and will help the running game. If you want to take a stab late in drafts, I don't blame you. (Well, maybe a little.) But at least take a pass on Michael Crabtree. Remember when the Raiders were ripped for taking DHB instead of Crabtree?

» Is Antonio Cromartie going to be available for you in your drafts? The New York Jets cornerback has laid claim to the No. 2 receiver spot for the club. If anything else, it would be cool to have a guy wearing No. 31 lining up at receiver.

» Reggie Bush asserts he could lead the league in rushing. And I suppose I could run off with Angie Harmon. Neither is happening. Bush is a third-round pick.

» Kevin Kolb is going to start the Hall of Fame game for the Arizona Cardinals, despite having a thigh injury on Tuesday. There isn't much fantasy value for Kolb, but it does impact Larry Fitzgerald. Sure, Fitzgerald can excel with any quarterback, but he would be better served with consistency at the position.

» Congratulations Darren McFadden, looks like you made it through again!

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