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Fantasy football: Dez Bryant has good trade value

Every Wednesday, I'll share some of the trade submissions sent along to my twitter account, @MattMoneySmith, so you can see what types of exchanges are being forwarded to participants in fantasy leagues.

I've been offered a trade, Dez Bryant for DeSean Jackson. Good trade or bad? --@vanlugen

Lets start with a simple one. Both players are questionable No. 1 wideouts, Miles Austin is a legit threat for targets lost by Bryant, while the same can be said for Jeremy Maclin. Factor in the running game, and how often you suspect they'll be throwing the ball versus running, and you'd have to give the edge to Philly. Not only is Shady McCoy getting more touches in the ground game, but he takes a ton of targets in the passing attack as well. On top of all that, Mike Vick has been a borderline hot mess at the quarterback position through two games, while Romo was part of a Cowboys team that didn't seem to give a darn about playing in Seattle last week. All of this leads me to Dez as the better option.

Pending: Traded my Aaron Rodgers and Willis McGahee for Matt Ryan and LeSean McCoy. Thoughts? --@tcom27

As crazy as it might sound, I like it. From a draft standpoint, you gave up a top-five pick for a top-five pick when exchanging Rodgers for McCoy. Both of those players are likely to outperform 90 percent of their contemporaries at their positions. That brings you to the second part of the deal. Which player will be closer to the production of the elite production you gave up, Matt Ryan to Rodgers, or McGahee to McCoy. On that, there should be little question that the prospects on Ryan are much better.

I just offered Darren McFadden and Nate Washington for Eli Manning and Brandon LaFell. I have Trent Richardson, DeMarco Murray and Stevan Ridley, Peyton Manning at QB this a good deal? --@duro84

I don't like it. I would see if they would take Murray instead. While McFadden is off to a slow start, at least he looks good. There are two touchdowns sitting out there on the field for him, one a yard short in the game versus the Chargers, the other, a bad pass from Carson Palmer versus the Vikings. McFadden will come on this season and by the end of the year find himself as a top five running back. I like the upgrade at quarterback, but see if a Peyton Manning and Demarco Murray package can get you the same return.

Thinking of trading Larry Fitzgerald for a rising wide receiver. Any recomendations? --@rollies_stash

Slow down on Fitzgerald. He's still an elite receiver, he'll still put up 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns regardless of how slow he's blown out of the gates. Unless you're able to sell him on name value for another top talent that had a down week, say Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson or Julio Jones, hold for a couple more weeks and see if he can raise his stock, or his value, to your team.

I just traded Chris Johnson for Steven Jackson, did I make the right move? --@NofxisAgainstME

If Johnson has another down week against the Lions, you sure did, because I'm not sure you'd get Rams backup running back Daryl Richardson for CJ.5K with another performance that mirror the first two weeks. But, Johnson showed flashes in the preseason. If that offensive line can get it together, and just open a couple holes, he's still a fast, fast player capable of taking a couple short runs for other backs to the house for big time fantasy point production. So, basically, you sold low, got a No. 2 in return, which considering his value today, is pretty good.

Hey Matt! I got offered Marshawn Lynch or Adrian Peterson for Rob Gronkowski. The durability issues of the running backs worries me, what do you think? --@jasonpatison

The deal really depends on who you have at tight end as Gornkowski's replacement. I'd rather take on Peterson given the choice, since Marshawn Lynch has to face the 49ers twice. Of those two meetings, if you play your Super Bowl in Week 16, that's when one of them is scheduled. Problem is for a long-term fix at the running back position, you take on more of an injury risk with AD. I'd still do the deal if you can find a top 10 tight end to take Gronk's place.

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