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Fantasy football: Darren McFadden has high value

Money: Gronk, Tate and Barden are sent away and Darren McFadden is received. This is a no brainer. You said it yourself, you have capable tight ends to replace Gronk, and plugging Run DMC for Tate is a slam dunk. I am of the opinion that McFadden is hands down the "most talented" player at his position in the league. Whether or not that translates to production on the field is a whole different issue.

Money: Absolutely. Think about what you would have to vie up to stash Chris Johnson. A backup tight end? Your fifth receiver? There is so much upside to CJ2K left there for the taking. Hold on to him for two or three weeks, and following this week versus the Houston Texans, where he is without question not a start, you can give him a shot versus the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At the least he could be a great trade chip.

Money: That's about as even a deal as I've ever been asked to comment on. It really boils down to match ups. With Gore yet to see the Seahawks or Cardinals defenses, and knowing he'll have four games of that, I'm gonna say hold off. In Weeks 14, 15 and 16 (the fantasy playoffs), Gore faces the Dolphins, Pats and Seahawks defenses. In contrast, Murray draws the Bengals, Steelers, and Saints defenses.

Money: You're going to be able to move one of them after a boffo day against the Saints. I like the upside of Nelson more than Jennings. He's already missed a game due to injury, and he just doesn't look quite right out there. I'm projecting at least 16 points for Jennings, and that ought to get you some notice from a wide receiver starved team. As for what to ask for in return, keeping with your Packers theme, I see a bright future for Cedric Benson. I also like Mikel Leshoure, though he might be selling at too high a price if he puts together a second straight 15-plus point performance versus the Vikings. Shooting high, ask for Marshawn Lynch, DeMarco Murray or Ryan Mathews. Worst case scenario, ask for Doug Martin, Steven Jackson or BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

Money: I'm not crazy about Turner. It's clear Dirk Koetter, the OC in Atlanta, has big plans for JaQuizz Rodgers. Hold off on moving Dez until after they play the Bears, and hope he can put together a big effort Monday. Because after that, you're stuck with him. Dallas is on a bye, and the following week he faces the Ravens.

Money: Simple answer, absolutely make that deal. MJD has proven there is no reason to be concerned that one of his hammys are going to explode. He will end up as a top five player at his position, and a top 15 overall fantasy performer. Andre Brown will share carries with Ahmad Bradshaw and Antonio Brown will have a nice season, but Garcon won't be too far behind if he can get healthy. A healthy MJD is also far and away better than CJ2K, so it's worth it.

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