Fantasy football bargains: Adrian Peterson won't disappoint

Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings: How is Peterson a bargain? He's not expected to be out there Week 1. That's going to scare some people off. Toby Gerhart is going to get carries, I get that. But AD is going to be healthy by Week 8, and if he slips you better think long and hard about having him on your roster come Weeks 12-16 for a playoff run.

Marcedes Lewis, TE, Jaguars: He's going to put up numbers in that Jacksonville offense with Mike Mularkey down there running the show. I believe Blaine Gabbert was put in a crappy situation last year. Now he's got a pair of legit wideouts with Justin Blackmon and Laurent Robinson, and Lewis will be the beneficiary of it. You might be able to pick him up in the last couple rounds.

Titus Young, WR, Lions: He's going to end up being the No. 2 receiver in Detroit. He already started to establish that late in the season; four of his six touchdowns came in the final four weeks. Heading into 2012, why wouldn't you want Matthew Stafford's second option in the passing attack?

Jared Cook, TE, Titans: Plain and simple, he's too good. The guy is an athletic freak. He was underused for most of the season in Nashville, and this year Mike Munchak knows in order to get that passing attack right, he's got to lean on his best player, and that's Cook.

Steven Jackson, RB, Rams: Much like Sam Bradford, Jackson had the deck stacked against him last year. With a good-looking schedule, a head coach that loves to run the football, and some help on offense, look for Jackson to have a big year.

Alshon Jeffery, WR, Bears: Look at his competition at the position. There is none. Devin Hester will become a specialist, Johnny Knox is coming off an awful injury, and Earl Bennett is serviceable. Jeffery is going to be Jay Cutler's red zone go-to target. Remember Cutler made Devin Aromashodu relevant for a few weeks there.

Kendall Hunter, RB, 49ers: He'll be available late, unless a Frank Gore owner reaches for the handcuff. With Gore beat to hell last year, I see Hunter starting to get more and more carries, and if there's an injury, he proved he can carry the load.

Dwayne Allen, TE, Colts: While everyone is all twitterpate about Coby Fleener as Andrew Luck's favorite target in Indy, make sure you're the smartest guy in the room by taking the other rookie tight end on that roster, Allen. Allen is the athletic freak at the position, embodying that Aaron Hernandez/Jimmy Graham like pass catcher. The Colts are going to employ the early Peyton Manning-style offense when he was putting up big numbers with Ken Dilger and Marcus Pollard, and while Dilger might be the name you remember, look at Pollard's production back in the early 2000s.

Randy Moss, WR, 49ers: I would take the flier. If anyone can get things out of players you didn't think was possible, Jim Harbaugh is that guy. He is Bill Belichick-esque in that manner. He's no nonsense. Harbaugh won't put up with any of Moss' crap, and when Josh Morgan was filling that role of a deep threat, Alex Smith and he were starting to develop some chemistry early in the season.

Joel Dreessen, TE, Broncos: Dreessen will be the No. 1 tight end in a Peyton Manning-led offense ... enough said.

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