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Fantasy football: AJ Green carries high trade value

I have Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles & LeSean McCoy. Which one should I trade for AJ Green? Should I even make the trade? --@nickhilt89

Money: It obviously depends on which receivers you have and how much you're struggling at that position. If you play a flex in your league, obviously you're in a great spot of playing three No. 1 running backs every week. That's a big bonus, but each of those guys has their own concerns. Can Charles break out and get you points when they're stacking the box against the Chiefs? Will Andy Reid start feeding McCoy more considering how productive he is with more touches? And can AP hold up through 16 games? Of the three, the biggest concern I have moving forward is about Charles and how he'll perform when the Chiefs are a grease fire on the field. If that will get it done, I would make that deal.

Should I trade Andre Johnson and LeSean McCoy for Roddy White and Frank Gore? --@Pinyata23

Money: I advocated drafting LeSean McCoy first overall in the pre-season. I put far too much faith in Andy Reid doing the right thing and leaning on his best player to win games and produce on offense. Instead he's up to his old tricks and trying to prove the point that Mike Vick is still an elite quarterback under his tutelage. Next week will tell us a lot. He's already fired his friend Juan Castillo as the defensive coordinator, cause he knows his job is on the line if the Eagles don't make the playoffs. That should lead him to start using McCoy the way he ought to be, and that's on darn near every play he's touching the ball. With Gore going up against the Seahawks this week, and Roddy on the bye, hold out another week before doing the deal and see what happens in Week 8 when the Eagles play the Falcons in a must win game at home. McCoy better be the focal point of that offense and that could mean a 20-plus point performance for you. Meanwhile you get 'Dre going against a depleted secondary in Baltimore this week to help get you some points.

I have Michael Vick and Philip Rivers. Do I trade Calvin Johnson, Vick and Darren Sproles for Robert Griffin III, Alfred Morris & Dez Bryant? I already have Roddy White, Dwayne Bowe & Kenny Britt with Ahmad Bradshaw and Reggie Bush at running back. --@jlmjr_71

Money: You really need me to help you along with this one? You currently have no dependable quarterback, and in return you will get the highest producing fantasy quarterback this season. That alone settles it. You won't miss Megatron because you have the No. 2 producing wideout this year in Roddy, and you upgrade at running back by bringing on Morris. Get this deal done yesterday. Whoever is selling you this package is getting crushed in the deal.

Should I trade Andre Johnson for Dwayne Bowe? --@jayusher67

Money: Look at the timing. You have Andre Johnson against the Ravens this week, while Bowe is on a bye. Dre has scored 13 fewer points than Bowe up to this point and both have slumped for the last two games. Each has a solid set of matchups come playoff time. Bowe is at Cleveland, at Oakland and vs. Indianapolis his next three games. Johnson is at New England, vs. Indianapolis and vs. Minnesota his next three games. Between those two options I would lean in Bowe's direction, but why not wait until Tuesday after you get your points from this week's game against Baltimore. That way, you miss the bye, and get an extra game from your wide receiver position.

Is now the time to buy low on DeMarco Murray? --@jeremysirio

Money: Depends on how low you're talking. I said it all pre-season. I will not draft Murray because he's an injury risk. We didn't get a big enough sample size from his last season, and while he was at Oklahoma it appeared he was always nursing something. There's nothing that drives me crazy more when it comes to fantasy football than losing players to injury that I knew were prone to that happening. I'll never draft Hakeem Nicks or Andre Johnson, I'll stay away from Mike Vick, and it has to be a really, really good value for me to pull the trigger on Darren McFadden because he's just so damn talented. So, to answer your question, if you're buying Murray at 15 cents on the dollar, do it. But if it's costing you 75 cents to a dollar, don't.

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