Fantasy feasting: Thanksgiving Day player previews

What's that smell? Oh snap, it's totally Week 13. It's the end of the fantasy football regular season (for most leagues) and it all begins on Thanksgiving, one glorious game at a time.

This Thanksgiving presents three huge matchups with all kinds of fantasy implications so if you're in need of one last win to get into the playoffs your holiday might be a bit stressful. But you can just keep eating to suppress that stress while you watch all the action. The best part is that nobody will judge you because it's Thanksgiving, so just keep chowing down.

Before you dive into the fantasy player preview below, take a moment to check out this awesome NFL Thanksgiving infographic that might provide some insight on what you can expect in these games. Also, spoiler alert, turkeys are involved.

And hey, if you've fallen out of love with fantasy this season like many of us already have, check out some these great ways you can still enjoy fantasy football if your fantasy team stinks. And remember to give thanks fantasy style before you eat.

Now let's get to it!

Matt Franciscovich is an associate fantasy editor at He wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and cannot wait to get his hands on some stuffing, so please send leftovers his way if you have them. Follow him on Twitter _@mfranciscovich_.

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