Fantasy Bench Regrets: Week 7

The Checkdown's weekly collection of sad tweets about Fantasy Football stars riding the bench.

This week featured some of the best individual Fantasy Football performances this season. Ezekiel Elliott went for 39.9 points, while Amari Cooper scored 33 points. If you had either of those guys starting, they probably put your Fantasy team on their back, and carried you to victory. But if you left other solid performers on your bench, you probably made a dent in the kitchen table with all of your regretful head banging. Lesson learned.

However, next time you tinker with your lineup, make sure these players are not on your bench.

Oakland Raiders WR Amari Cooper
Fantasy Points: 33 points
Starting Percentage: 51.1%

Cooper is the Raiders No. 1 option and he should be in your starting lineup on a regular basis. Leaving him on the bench is just foolishness at this point. Cooper ranks fifth in targets so far this season, and with Derek Carr's return, expect the AC/DC combo to be rocking stadiums once again.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE OJ Howard
Fantasy Points: 21.8 points
Starting Percentage: 1%

The rookie tight end might finally be coming into his own in the Buccaneers' offense. After sputtering the first few weeks of the season, Howard had six catches, two of which were TDs. Keep an eye on the match-ups. He might be a reliable tight end in the coming weeks.

Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones
Fantasy Points: 19.8 points
Starting Percentage: 15.9%

A starting running back in an offense that just lost their franchise QB is somehow starting in only 15.9% of Fantasy leagues?! That's crazy. He's showing his owners why it's not even a question whether or not you should start him.

Oakland Raiders TE Jared Cook
Fantasy Points: 10.7
Starting Percentage: 31.5%

Cooper wasn't the only Raider making hay this week. Up against the vaunted Chiefs defense, Cook recorded six catches for 107 yards, and he almost had a touchdown. Of course, "almost" doesn't amount to much in Fantasy value. Now's the time for Cook to start cooking.

Chicago Bears Defense
Fantasy Points: 29 points
Starting Percentage: 1.7%

Da Bears are back! They may not be the famous 1985 Bears defense, but they have performed quite well the past two weeks. They single handedly beat the Carolina Panthers, thanks to two touchdowns by safety Eddie Jackson on the anniversary of his injury.

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