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Fans receive a Christmas Eve of craziness

Take a look at each in-depth breakdown and then vote for your favorite nuttiest play of Week 16 at the bottom of the right column.

Great play call that never was

The situation: On fourth-and-2 from the Chiefs' 36-yard line, the Raiders line up for a field goal attempt by Sebastian Janikowski.

Things got a bit nutty when ... The Raiders opt to run a fake, with holder Shane Lechler pitching the ball to Brandon Myers, who races 36 yards for an apparent touchdown. However, before fans can revel in the play's awesomeness, there's a penalty on the play. Delay of game is called on the Raiders, who then choose to let Janikowski kick. But his 59-yard attempt hits the crossbar and is no good. What could have been seven points turns into zero.

Follow the bouncing ball

The situation: With 3:28 left in the fourth quarter, the Texans face a third-and-5 from the Colts' 26-yard line.

Things got a bit nutty when ...T.J. Yates' pass intended for Kevin Walter bounces off two Colts defenders and into the arms of Jacoby Jones, who gains a first down and helps Houston continue a drive that resulted in a field goal.

Browns bungle goal-line opportunity

The situation: With less than a minute remaining in the first half, the Browns have first-and-goal from inside the Ravens' 10-yard line.

Things got a bit nutty when ... The Browns -- who have no timeouts remaining -- choose not to kill the clock with 10 seconds remaining on second-and-goal. Instead, QB Seneca Wallace hands the ball off to Peyton Hillis, who gains no yards. More importantly, the Browns couldn't line up to spike the ball and stop the running clock before it expired. In a game decided by six points, this sequence proved to be costly for Cleveland.

All kinds of wild

The situation: The Buccaneers, trailing 27-10 with 7:16 left in the third quarter, face a first-and-10 from their own 48-yard line.

Things got a bit nutty when ...Josh Freeman hands the ball off to Micheal Spurlock, who laterals the ball back to Freeman, who throws the ball downfield to Kellen Winslow. Winslow, who was left wide open by the razzle-dazzle, is romanced by the prospect of the big play and attempts to hurdle a Panthers defender. But he fumbles the ball and the Panthers recover. Adding to the chaos of the play, multiple flags were thrown, all against the Buccaneers, who went on to suffer a humbling defeat.

So flippin' awesome

The situation: With 2:54 left in the first half, the Bengals face a second-and-8 situation from the Cardinals' 19-yard line.

Things got a bit nutty when ...Andy Dalton finds Jerome Simpson running wide open across the field. Simpson eyes the end zone, but Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington is standing in the way. Simpson then somersaults over Washington and lands on his feet in the end zone for one of the most amazing scoring plays ever seen.

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