FanCam to snap 5-billion-pixel, 360-degree image at NFL draft

NEW YORK -- Thousands of NFL fans can step inside the 2011 NFL Draft when the FanCam comes to Radio City Music Hall on April 28-29 for the first and second rounds.

Fans attending the draft will want to be in their seats by 7:55 p.m. ET, when a 5-billion pixel, 360-degree image will be taken from the podium.

This high-definition image will capture Radio City Music Hall in its entirety, taking just 3 to 6 minutes to shoot. Fans then will have the chance to interact with the 360-degree image online and experience stepping inside the draft, as if they were standing on the podium for a frozen moment in time -- just minutes before the No. 1 pick is announced.

The pixel resolution is high enough to allow fans to zoom in to find themselves or friends, tag themselves in the photo, and share via email, Facebook and Twitter. Fans can even cruise around Radio City Music Hall to see who else was part of the first round.

Fans can follow updates on and the NFL's official Facebook page, and they will be notified on those sites once the FanCam is available for tagging April 28.

Through a relationship with Replay Photos, the official FanCam rights holder for collegiate and professional sports in North America, this year's draft will be the first FanCam experience offered to fans.

Before this year's draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts offered the FanCam experience to their respective fan bases, with the Steelers photographing the AFC Championship Game crowd at Heinz Field in January.

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