Fan who threw beer on Tyreek Hill banned from Gillette

Fans around the NFL are expected to abide by a code of conduct when attending games.

One supporter of the New England Patriots crossed the line Sunday night when he tossed beer on Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who had just scored on a 75-yard touchdown catch late in the fourth quarter.

The Patriots acted swiftly Monday morning after identifying the perpetrator and announced the fan was sent a letter of disinvite to all future events at Gillette Stadium.

Foxborough Police Department announced Monday afternoon the suspect has been identified as a 21 year old male resident of Mansfield, Massachusetts. He's facing two charges of disorderly conduct and throwing an object at a sporting event.

Moments before the incident, Hill was at top speed as he crossed the goal line. His momentum carried him through the end zone to the fence that separates the fans from the playing field, where he came to a stop after using both hands to brace himself.

Once there, replay showed other fans throwing up the middle finger in Hill's face before a spectator to the wide receiver's right side threw beer from a cup. To his credit, Hill did not retaliate despite the unruly greeting at the barrier.

The Patriots eventually went on to defeat the Chiefs, 43-40, in an instant classic despite the fan incident. And it is good to see New England promptly dealing with the situation to send a message that future violations of the fan code of conduct would not be tolerated.

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