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Familiar faces top TE rankings, but young crop making noise

The tight end position has evolved into an offensive weapon over the past decade. In fact, 14 tight ends have 100-plus receptions combined over the last two years.

While the offensive role has increased, teams have also figured out how to make tight ends more effective in run-blocking schemes by flexing the position's alignment and forcing defenses to declare how they will play the run and pass. The old fashion in-line tight end who serves as no more than an extra tackle still has a place on a few rosters, but none of them will make this list of the top 25 tight ends.

As you'll see in Group E, there are a number of young tight ends with a legitimate chance to threaten the veterans to be in the top two groups by the end of 2012.

As I have done with the other position rankings, the players will be in groups of five and in alphabetical order inside each group. Each player listed either has an (^) for guys on the rise, (>) for players maintaining their status or (v) for those on the decline.

Group A

Dallas Clark, Colts (>): It's true that playing with Peyton Manning is a big plus, but Clark is a very capable receiver with 137 receptions and 13 touchdowns over the last two seasons despite missing 10 games with a wrist injury last year.

Vernon Davis, 49ers (^): An emerging star, the sky is the limit for him. He has 134 receptions and 20 touchdowns over the last two years with a questionable situation at quarterback. He's also an underrated blocker.

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Antonio Gates, Chargers (>): Gates is the gold standard for the athletic tight end. He has been to seven straight Pro Bowls. Injuries are the only thing that kept him from having a career year in 2010.

Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars (^): Lewis took a quantum leap in his career last year and was rewarded with his first Pro Bowl nod after scoring 10 touchdowns, which was tied for tops among tight ends. He has excellent blocking skills to complement his skills as a receiver.

Jason Witten, Cowboys (>): A perennial Pro Bowl selection, Witten was the most targeted tight end last season. He also had more first-down grabs than any other tight end with 49. Over the past two seasons, his 188 receptions are the most at the position.

Group B

Chris Cooley, Redskins (v): Cooley was the second-most targeted tight end in 2010 and finished with 77 receptions, including 40 that went for first downs. Cooley is a two-time Pro Bowl selection and has 106 receptions over the past two seasons, but just five touchdowns.

**Tony Gonzalez**, Falcons (v): A future Hall of Famer, he's still a go-to guy with 153 receptions and 12 touchdowns over the last two years. While he was the third-most targeted tight end a year ago, his 9.4 yards per catch was the lowest among the top 15 tight ends.

**Heath Miller**, Steelers (>): Pittsburgh's offense doesn't feature the tight end, which is why Miller was the 20th-most targeted player at the position in 2010. Still, he has managed 118 receptions and eight touchdowns since 2009 and is a great blocker.

**Zach Miller**, Raiders (>): A potential free agent when the new CBA is resolved, Miller could be a hot item if he hits the market. He was the ninth-most targeted tight end in 2010 and managed 60 receptions and five touchdowns.

**Kellen Winslow**, Bucs (>): If he could ever stay healthy enough to play 16 games, Winslow's numbers would be off the charts. Still, his 143 receptions rank third among tight ends over the last two seasons.

Group C

Brent Celek, Eagles (>): Surprised Celek is this high? Well, his numbers back up the ranking. He was the 16th-most targeted tight end in the league and averaged 12.2 yards on his 42 receptions. Over two years, he has 118 receptions and 12 touchdowns.

Todd Heap, Ravens (v): A savvy vet who knows how to get open and make a play. He has 93 receptions and 11 touchdowns since 2009. However, he will struggle to hold a spot this high a year from now with all the great young tight ends coming up.

Dustin Keller, Jets (>): A favorite option for Mark Sanchez, Keller wound up as the fifth-most targeted tight end. He has 100 receptions and seven touchdowns over the past two seasons.

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Greg Olsen, Bears (>): Some think the Mike Martz offense is a bad fit for Olsen, but NFL Network analyst Trent Green told me Martz will use the tight end more than most people think. Olsen was the 18th-most targeted player at the position in his first season with Martz, and hopefully Jay Cutler goes to him more this year.

Visanthe Shiancoe, Vikings, (>) With Brett Favre at the top of his game in 2009, Shiancoe was a major force when he had 11 touchdowns. He only had two touchdowns last season and will have a hard time holding a spot here if there's an inexperienced QB running the offense in 2011.

Group D

Kevin Boss, Giants (>): Even though he might not put up big numbers, his 15.2 yards per catch in 2010 gives you an idea of his big-play ability. He was only the 16th most targeted tight end and probably needs the ball more.

Owen Daniels, Texans (>): If Daniels was healthy over the past two years, he would be a lot higher. He had a Pro Bowl season in 2008, but has only played in 19 games since. Even still, the Texans knew they had a fine player and rewarded him with a big contract.

Brandon Pettigrew, Lions (^): In his first 27 games, with three different quarterbacks, Pettigrew has 101 receptions and six touchdowns. As soon as Mathew Stafford can stay on the field for an entire season, Pettigrew's number will explode. He is an all-around tight end with the size and technique to establish a point of attack in the run game.

Jacob Tamme, Colts (^): Not many teams with a tight end mentioned above could lose that player and have the offense not miss a beat. However, that's exactly what happened when Tamme took over for the injured Dallas Clark. Tamme put up 67 catches and four touchdowns in just 10 games. In 2011, the Colts will be a very tough team when Clark is back and they go to the two-tight end packages.

**Ben Watson**, Browns (>): The Browns got a much better player than they expected when they signed Watson as a free agent. In his first season in Cleveland, he caught 68 balls and was the fourth-most targeted tight end. He also tied for second in first-down grabs with 40. When Colt McCoy develops, look for Watson's numbers to be even better.

Group E

Jermichael Finley, Packers (^): Injuries limited him last season, but he's already demonstrated he's a matchup nightmare. In his last 18 games, he has 76 receptions and six touchdowns. Even though he's had some maturity issues, he should be ready for an 80-reception season.

Jimmy Graham, Saints (^): The former basketball player showed enough in one season that the Saints opted to cut ties with Jeremy Shockey. He's a surprisingly good blocker for a player with so little experience. In his rookie season, he finished with 31 receptions and five touchdowns. He projects to 65 receptions and 10 touchdowns as early as 2011.

Jermaine Gresham, Bengals (^):Carson Palmer once told me Gresham can do it all. As a rookie, Gresham had 52 receptions to go with four touchdowns and is an outstanding prospect as a blocker.

Rob Gronkowski, Patriots (^): From a family of tight ends, Gronkowski played like a five-year veteran as a rookie. He's powerful enough to establish a point of attack in the running game and a good enough receiver to beat a linebacker in coverage. He had 42 receptions and 10 touchdowns, which tied for the best among all tight ends.

Tony Moeaki, Chiefs (^): A bit of a surprise as a rookie in 2010, but Moeaki managed to catch 47 balls and score three times.

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