Experts' mock draft, picks Nos. 17-24 gathered writers and broadcasters from around the country to play GM for the teams they cover on a daily basis.

This is the third in a series of four that will be unveiled. Picks No. 25-32 will be released on Tuesday, April 19.

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![]( needs: Pass rusher, left tackle, defensive end, big wide receiver, outside linebacker, running back (For more: AFC East team needs)

On the beat: Andy Hart, staff writer, Patriots Football Weekly

Analysis: "This is a guy that's had 25 sacks, 12 forced fumbles over the last two years, so I think that's the kind of impact pass rusher that Bill Belichick would look for."


![]( needs: Outside linebacker, inside linebacker, defensive end, wide receiver, right tackle (For more: AFC West team needs)

On the beat: Kevin Acee, beat writer, San Diego Union-Tribune

Analysis: "While he would have some learning to do going into the 3-4 outside linebacker, this kid has those attributes that they need being able to get after the quarterback."


![]( needs: Offensive tackle, outside linebacker, defensive tackle, middle linebacker, center, running back, safety (For more: NFC East team needs)

On the beat: Ralph Vacchiano, New York Daily News

Analysis: "Teams just don't want the big guys on the corner who can't move. They need ones who can get outside and have to shift back inside ... this kid looks like he can do both. The Giants do a lot of running so they need a guy who can be a punishing run-blocker."


![]( needs: Defensive end, outside linebacker, middle linebacker, cornerback, guard (For more: NFC South team needs)

On the beat: Scott Reynolds, beat writer,

Analysis: "He's got the ability to come in and play right away because of his NFL body ... he can hold up against the run, and he has the pass rush ability to constantly put pressure on the quarterback for the Buccaneers defense."


![]( needs: Nose tackle, wide receiver, center, outside linebacker, offensive tackle (For more: AFC West team needs)

On the beat: Steve St. John, host, Sports Radio 810 WHB

Analysis: "The main thought around the draft and the team right now is that they need to get physical and bigger at the point of attack and continue to try and dominate the line of scrimmage."


![]( needs: Center/guard, left tackle, defensive tackle, safety, kick returner, cornerback (For more: AFC South team needs)

On the beat: Bucky Brooks, analyst,

Analysis: "Even though he's not necessarily ready to be a dominate player, I think his athleticism is an upgrade over what they have at the position, and I think in time he's going to be an outstanding player for them on the backside."


![]( needs: Cornerback, right tackle, center/guard, linebacker, defensive line (For more: NFC East team needs)

On the beat: Jeff McLane, beat writer, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Analysis: "He really kind of has it all. If it wasn't for some of the character issues that have plagued him, (this player) could probably be drafted in the top 15."


![]( needs: Outside linebacker, defensive end, safety, offensive line (For more: NFC South team needs)

On the beat: Mike Triplett, beat writer, New Orleans Times-Picayune

Analysis: "He's a guy who's improved with each year and keeps improving as he prepares for this year's draft. He's one of those guys that maybe you're drafting potential more than strictly just production."

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