Examining the official 2016 emojis for each NFL team

Seeing as how our society is about three years away from communicating exclusively in emojis, I thought it would be helpful to share the official hashtags for all 32 NFL teams this season.

Here's a view of every emoji in one place:

Some takeaways:

» With no familial ties to Western Pennsylvania industry sectors, I had no idea what #HereWeGo was about. Thankfully, a cursory web search clued me in. All teams should have weird fight songs like this:

» Man, Seahawks fans love that "12s" stuff. Seattle is the only team that doesn't use a primary logo.

» My favorite here has to be the Vikings. Simple, but with an insider fans-only vibe. "Skol" is a reference to another goofy, endearing fight song:

» Did you know a flock of rams is known as a "mob"? Explains a lot. Thanks, Michael Brockers.

» The Bucs should take another pass at this.

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