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Ex-Jets employee Sterger meets NFL investigators, lawyer says

Jenn Sterger's lawyer, Joseph Conway, said the former New York Jets employee met with NFL security officials Thursday at an undisclosed location in Manhattan to discuss allegations that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre sent Sterger racy voicemails and text messages while he played for the Jets in 2008.

"The meeting lasted several hours, and Mrs. Sterger fully cooperated," Conway said. "She provided whatever information was available and we await the outcome of the NFL's investigation."

Conway said that the statute of limitations on pursuing a sexual harassment case against Favre is still a possibility, although no decision on whether to pursue that has been made.

"She still has legal measures available to her," Conway said, including those against the "individual" (Favre) and the Jets organization.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Sterger met with NFL Security for roughly 3½ hours Thursday, and she also turned over physical evidence, including records and materials related to her cell phone.

Favre is alleged to have texted photos of his anatomy to Sterger. Favre denied sending photos when he met with NFL Security, according to a league source, but did admit texting her.

The NFL is not commenting on reports regarding Sterger's meeting with security officials. Possible discipline, if deemed to be warranted, could possibly include fines and or a suspension under the personal-conduct policy.

The NFL has declined comment on the matter, according to league spokesman Greg Aiello.

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