Evolution Exclusive: Bonus videos on 'Culture of Locker Room'

What is it like inside an NFL locker room? Is it loud? Is it jovial? Is it abusive? On "NFL GameDay Morning" this Super Bowl Sunday, NFL Network explored the subject.

As a bonus to that feature, NFL Media's Andrea Kremer interviewed 10 NFL players in recent weeks, taking an inside look at the culture of the league's locker rooms as told by the players.

The story explored how issues such as race, hazing and sexuality impact members of NFL locker rooms. It touched on on two of the biggest stories of this season: the Eagles' Riley Cooper's use of a racial epithet and the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito case with the Miami Dolphins.

Here are nine video clips from those interviews exclusively for NFL Evolution readers:

Jonathan Vilma of the New Orleans Saints on off-limits topics in the locker room.

Vilma on the impact of the Saints' bounty scandal on the team's locker room.

London Fletcher of the Washington Redskins reflects on the Martin-Incognito case and the roles of veterans and rookies on teams.

Brian Hartline of the Dolphins on the effects of the Martin-Incognito case on his teammates, the aftermath and his thoughts on Martin.

Nate Burleson of the Detroit Lions on the dynamics of the different personalities in the locker room and how it's like a family.

Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets on why the NFL locker room is unlike any other workplace and how being injured is for guys inside the locker room.

Ike Taylor of the Pittsburgh Steelers on how competitive his teammates get playing games inside the locker room and how there are no cliques with the Steelers.

Clinton Portis, former NFL player, on jokes inside the locker room and how the various units can be sectioned off.

Pierre Garcon of the Washington Redskins on the winning mentality's impact and rookie hazing.

-- Lauren Gaffney and Bill Bradley

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