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Esiason: Frank Reich will impress New York Jets

The New York Jets have already heard from four potential head coaching candidates since firing Rex Ryan, and will speak with Todd Bowles and Frank Reich on Wednesday.

But one Jets legend thinks the interview process could stop right there.

Reich, according to Boomer Esiason, will separate himself from the pack quickly.

"I know one thing: Frank's going to go into this meeting and he's going to blow the Jets away," Esiason told The New York Post on Tuesday.

Esiason is a long-time friend of the current Chargers offensive coordinator, but he thinks that his pal would be better off going to a smaller-market team. With one foot firmly implanted in the manic New York media landscape, Esiason doesn't want to see his friend swallowed up by all the noise.

"If the Bills hired him or the Falcons hired him or some other smaller-market team hired him, I think he would really knock it out of the box," Esiason said. "With the Jets, coaching this team in its current predicament is like walking through the trenches of World War I. It's no-man's land. It's littered with potholes and blind spots and all sorts of issues that most coaches don't have to deal with."

He added: "I told him: 'For your sake, I hope you get the offer, but for my sake and for our sake I hope you get an offer somewhere else,'" Esiason said.

Esiason's fear of the landscape for his former roommate is fascinating. On one hand, this would be the opportunity of a lifetime for Reich. But Esiason, who would be put in a position to rip Reich daily on his morning drive radio show, would prefer the chance come somewhere else.

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