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Eric Reid says Reid says retirement comments were misquoted

Former San Francisco 49ers Chris Borland and Anthony Davis walked away from the NFL due to concussion concerns.

Niners safety Eric Reid admitted to the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday that he considered giving up his playing career after suffering three concussions.

"Everybody evaluates their own situation as far as playing this game," Reid told the San Francisco Chronicle. "I've evaluated mine and I've decided I still want to play."

Reid missed just one game in his two-year career despite the three head injuries. He suffered two concussions in the first nine games of his rookie season. His one missed game came in last season's finale. The 23-year-old said he was cleared to play, but decided to sit out because the Niners were out of the playoff hunt.

Reid was asked if he'd retire if he sustained a fourth concussion.

"I'm not putting a number to it," he said. "I will continue to evaluate my own situation. If I have another concussion and I don't feel like I can play anymore, then I won't. If I (have another concussion), and if I feel that I still can play, then I will. It's just a case-by-case basis.

"I know it's a huge deal right now in the NFL and everything is being put under a microscope, but that's how every injury is. It could be a dislocated shoulder. You evaluate your situation and see if you're healthy enough to still play."

Reid said he feels fully recovered, but added there is a doctor that he's "looking further into" seeing.

UPDATE: Reid later took to Twitter and claimed he had been misquoted, writing that the initial report "was not an accurate portrayal of my words" and adding: "Just to be clear, I NEVER SAID, 'I've given some thought to leaving the NFL.'"

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