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Eric Decker: I believe Ryan Fitzpatrick will be Jets QB

Eric Decker believes Ryan Fitzpatrick will return to the Jets, but it doesn't sound like he expects that to happen any time soon.

On Tuesday's edition of NFL Total Access, Rhett Lewis asked Decker if Fitzpatrick will be behind center when the Jets open the season against the Bengals in less than four months.

"I believe it's Fitzpatrick," Decker said. "Right now, it's a business and they're so far off in dollar amount but Ryan wants to be back, they want Ryan back. Something is going to happen. It might be before training camp, the day or two before, but I believe that he'll be back on the team come this fall."

Of course, this dance has gone on long enough to make you wonder if the two sides will ever get on the same page. Decker doesn't believe the Jets -- who appear to have one of the most difficult schedules in the AFC -- will need to adjust expectations if Fitzpatrick is one-and-done in Gotham.

"We have to set the bar high. And Geno (Smith) was progressing, he was doing a great job before the incident in the preseason and I think we have trust in him," Decker said. "We feel comfortable with the system. (Offensive coordinator) Chan Gailey always puts you in a situation to succeed and our defense is great so we know we have the capability to put those numbers up."

Decker also addressed a recent interview in which he said he was surprised New York selected Christian Hackenberg in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Decker was in spin mode here, while still making the point that the Jets had plenty of needs when they grabbed the polarizing Penn State quarterback with their second pick.

"Seeing that we have certain needs and we go out and get a quarterback in the second round, that speaks volumes of what the organization thinks of him as a player, as a person," he said. "A quarterback is the position in the NFL and he's a guy obviously that has had some ups and downs in college, but he's got good stature, he throws the ball really well. I'm really excited to see him develop."

You have to feel for Decker, and really, any other prominent Jets player who gets peppered with quarterback questions at every offseason event that has a media presence. Fitzpatrick better hope he gets the raise he's looking for because he owes his teammates some steak dinners.

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