Endorsements taking off for Broncos' Tebow

DENVER -- At least two companies who have signed Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to represent their brands say it's paying off.

The companies aren't releasing specific numbers, but energy product firm The FRS Co. and Jockey International Inc. said they've seen a sharp spike in interest online since tying themselves to Tebow.

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It doesn't hurt that Tebow regularly uses FRS chews on the sidelines during games. This week, unasked, Tebow wore an FRS hat in front of cameras as Denver prepares to face the New England Patriots on Saturday night.

"When Tim wore our beanie the other day for an interview, we saw a 500 percent increase in our web traffic immediately. Literally immediately," FRS CEO Carl Sweat said.

Foster City, Calif.-based FRS learned in the spring of 2010 from a GNC store manager that the Heisman Trophy winner was regularly buying the company's energy powders and products in Florida, where he won two national titles. FRS later got a call from the Broncos, who said their new quarterback wanted to get a hold of their products.

After a courtship that included takeout and games of Taboo at Tebow's home in Colorado, Tebow agreed to endorse FRS. The company ships him cases of its products and has given him an undisclosed amount of equity in the company.

Tebow also is a pitchman for Nike and Jockey, who didn't reveal terms of his deals.

Since signing Tebow in July 2010, Jockey has seen its Facebook fans increase by nearly 2,000 percent to more than 193,000 said chief marketing officer Dustin Cohn. Jockey's new staycool line, which launched with advertising that featured Tebow, is the fastest-selling collection in history for the company, in business since 1876.

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