Emmitt Smith comments on DeMarco Murray's fumbles

DeMarco Murray hasn't -- and shouldn't -- apologize for his running style amid a record setting pace, even though he's losing quite a few fumbles.

But Monday, after gaining 141 yards against Washington, Murray heard from a Cowboys legend about it.

In the moments following Murray's fifth fumble of the season, Smith tweeted: "Know when the journey is over!!!" Apparently, he isn't too fond of Murray's desire to push for extra yardage.

At this point, Murray's production is still overshadowing his tendency to be a little loose with his hand placement, but if Smith has a point, Murray isn't listening just yet.

"I'm going to continue to play hard and fight for every inch," Murray told ESPN. "What happened, I've just got to just lock two hands on it. I'm going to continue to fight and run hard as I can to get us every inch and every yard I can, but I've just got to lock it up with two hands."

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