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Emmanuel Sanders: Peyton can make every throw

One of the biggest mysteries of the offseason is turning into a non-issue in training camp.

It was fair to question Peyton Manning's already waning arm strength after his performance noticeably slipped down the stretch last season.

By all accounts out of Broncos camp, though, Manning has recaptured the passing ability that had him in the MVP hunt at mid-season in 2014.

Just a few days after general manager John Elway and No. 1 receiver Demaryius Thomasraved about the zip on Manning's throws, No. 2 wideout Emmanuel Sanders noted that the quarterback hasn't "lost a step."

"He looks like Peyton. I haven't seen anything. I feel like he can make every single throw," Sanders said, via Mile High Report. "Anything in this offense that they want him to do, I feel like he can do it and be the best at doing it."

Manning's ability to "make every single throw" -- as Sanders referenced -- is critical to his organization's ability to pry open its Super Bowl window.

While that's music to the ears of Broncos fans in August, the larger question is whether Manning can remain healthy and effective through 16 games and into the harsh elements of January.

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