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Elway says Broncos' feud with Cutler 'sad and unfortunate'

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- John Elway is saddened for both Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos in the simmering feud that could end in an ugly split.

Cutler controversy

Broncos QB Jay Cutler wants to be traded after a meeting with Denver brass didn't ease his concerns. Check out the latest content from regarding the "McJaygate" saga.

The Broncos' Hall of Fame quarterback made his first comments about the conflict, telling The Pueblo Chieftain the rift between the quarterback and the new regime of coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Brian Xanders is "sad and unfortunate."

"Obviously, there was a lack of communication somewhere to where it blew this thing up to where it has got to now," Elway told the newspaper while in Pueblo for a fundraiser on Thursday night. "I'm sad for both sides.

"I understand Jay's feelings got hurt, but it's too bad it has got to where it is. I wish Jay would have got some better advice from whoever he was getting advice from."

The feud started when Cutler learned McDaniels had brought his name up in trade talks that would have brought Matt Cassel from New England and sent Cutler to Tampa Bay.

The sides talked twice, once by phone and once face-to-face, but were unable to repair the relationship.

Cutler has instructed his agent, Bus Cook, to ask the Broncos to trade him. McDaniels still hopes to smooth things over with his quarterback.

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