Eli Manning has done doomed us all

I am in two leagues here at work at NFL.com and in both leagues Eli Manning is my quarterback. So I was asked by a buddy if I was worried about Eli's recent, two-interception performance against the Jets and my simple answer was, "Yes."

And my more elaborate answer was "(expletive) yes."

Seriously, what was I thinking putting all of my faith in Eli Manning? Seriously, Eli thinks that he is in Tom Brady's class? He is not even as good as Wayne Brady right now.

There is a lesson in all of this. If you are going to wait on a quarterback in the draft (which I like to do) make sure that you back up your quarterback with a solid backup that you can roll through the matchups with. Joe Flacco is my backup in the NFL.com Experts League, and considering the way both have looked early, Flacco might get the nod early despite opening against the Steelers.

Ugh, this is going to be a long year.

Do any of the Rank Amateurs have a question?

Read your column yesterday and now I am bummed that I took Peyton Manning in the fourth round, was that too early? Can I recover? Is my team ruined? - Reader Matt P (via text message)
Well, taking Peyton Manning is not the end of the world. He carries some risk because of the injury, but if you back him up with a proper young gun, like Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman, or even Kyle Orton, then you can probably survive the early season slump that Peyton will face no matter how slow he starts. So let me ask, who is your backup?

Eli Manning - Reader Matt P (via text message)
Oh, you are done.

Question I have Roddy White, Andre Johnson & Julio Jones is trading Jones for Percy Harvin a stupid move? - Brad Phillips (via Twitter)
That is not a bad move at all. Harvin is a great breakout candidate, and one of those potential third-year studs we talked about on NFL.com Fantasy Live on Tuesday. Harvin is a No. 1 receiver, whereas Jones is going to battle Roddy White, Henry Douglas and Tony Gonzalez for targets. Plus he is a rookie. You are stealing Harvin if that deal goes through.

Going back to Eli, though. The Giants open up with the Redskins who ranked 31st against the pass last year. If Eli stumbles there, it is time to panic. Preseason game against the Jets, let's not give up yet. Plus, Henne Mania is set to start!

Hey Adam, barring injury or CJ's holdout ending, of these 4, which two should i start week 1 at RB? Shonn Greene, LeGarrette Blount, Jones-Drew, and Javon Ringer (Im waiting to trade Ringer untill we find out if he'll have worth.) I also have a flex pick for those four or Sidney Rice and Sims-Walker. -- Jeff Fleischman (via Facebook)
This one is easy, start Blount, MJD and Greene (as your flex). That is a pretty good running stable.

Hey Adam, I am in an 12 team PPR league and I have been offered Larry Fitzgerald, for Jamaal Charles and internal-link-placeholder-2. My other backs I have are Lesean McCoy, James Starks and Ronnie Brown. My other WR are Stevie Johnson, Roy Williams, Austin Collie and Jordy Nelson. I was wondering if you could help me out here -- Alan Rasso (via Facebook)
Dude, you want to keep McCoy and Charles as your running backs. Especially in a PPR league. You might have the two top running backs in the league. How did you end up with those guys?

Why were you dissing Cocktail on today's show? That movie is awesome. I want you to rectify. - The Hater Nation (via Twitter)
Yeah, that was an error on my part. Cocktail is a pretty solid flick when looking back in hindsight, and that is completely my fault. If you are looking for a great actor in a crummy movie, might I suggest Robert De Niro in The Fan?

For the record, you can submit your fantasy questions to NFL.com Fantasy Live, Michael Fabiano or me on Twitter. But realize, NFL.com Fantasy has 15,000 followers, Fabiano has 25,000, me, I only have 1,200. So your odds are better that I will answer a question, just based on the numbers. So hit me up both via Twitter or via Facebook. Be sure to catch the latest on the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

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