Ed Reed: I'll make NFL comeback for $300 million

Bills defensive assistant and future Hall of Famer Ed Reed thinks -- and looks -- like he could still pick off a pass and take it for a touchdown.

But it would cost any interested team hundreds of millions of dollars to change his mind about retirement.

"What's the lottery?" Reed said, via ESPN.com, when asked what amount of money could get him to throw on the shoulder pads again. "It's like 308 (million)? 306? Something like that, right? I got to hit the lottery."

Enter your jokes about only the Saints being interested in carrying that salary-cap number here.

"I got two or three years in me," he said. "But I'm not giving it to the league. I already decided not to. Things could happen, but I don't think there's enough finances to get me in those cleats anymore, man. They tend not to want to play the vets."

Reed and his new boss, Bills coach Rex Ryan, can probably both agree that he is in a better place. Reed's departure from Baltimore and career arc from that point on weren't what we expected from the nine-time Pro Bowler and former NFL defensive player of the year, but coaching seems to have come just as naturally.

Should Reed move up the ladder, it will hopefully cost a team a little less than $300 million to make him a defensive coordinator.

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