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Eagles QB Vick unlikely to be traded before preseason

The Philadelphia Eagles haven't initiated any talks to trade quarterback Michael Vick, and they might not this spring, but that doesn't preclude them from doing so at some point.

The Eagles have until the first week of the league year -- which begins March 5 -- to deal Vick before having to pay him a $1.5 million roster bonus. A deal before then might be unlikely because the Eagles haven't called other teams about Vick, according to league sources.

Sources from two teams who would be in the market for a quarterback said they don't expect Vick to be dealt until the preseason. That's when his value could be enhanced by strong preseason performances, a full offseason of work with his team and injuries/uncertainty at quarterback on other teams.

Spending $1.5 million to retain Vick's services isn't a significant impediment for a team like the Eagles, and while doing so also guarantees $1 million of the quarterback's 2010 salary, that isn't a major financial hindrance, either.

League sources maintain that the Eagles aren't averse to dealing Vick for value -- with fellow quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb under contract for 2010 -- but they wouldn't be inclined to settle for a late-round draft pick. That might be all they could obtain for Vick now, given how sparingly he played in 2009.

Ultimately, that market could change and Vick's value could expand.

"I don't think there is enough value in a trade to make the move now," said an executive with a team that needs help at quarterback. "They don't have to trade him before the roster bonus is due, and I'd be very surprised if they traded him in March. I expect them to hold on to him until he has more peak value, and that could be in August or September."

The Eagles are very high on Kolb as a potential starter, and he could end up replacing McNabb in 2011. League sources maintain they would be shocked if McNabb was dealt this season, and the Eagles are hopeful they are on the cusp of a championship, with the veteran giving them the best chance of winning in 2010.

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