Eagles QB Sam Bradford clears concussion protocol

Sam Bradford has officially cleared concussion protocol, according to offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. But the obvious question still lingers: Will he get his job back?

That's the one Shurmur did not have an answer for Tuesday. Per the Delaware County Times, Shurmur said he did not want to mislead the media by saying one player would start if he wasn't sure yet, a statement that probably rang true given that Bradford is also suffering from some shoulder issues. Coach Chip Kelly also said Tuesday he didn't know if Mark Sanchez or Bradford would start Thursday.

Bradford said on Tuesday that the hurdle at this point regarding him playing is his shoulder. He also added that he has no idea who will start at quarterback for the Eagles against the Lions on Thanksgiving.

What Shurmur won't say is that Sanchez probably had the opportunity to steal the job away for the foreseeable future on Sunday in a devastating loss to the Buccaneers, making the rest of this exercise irrelevant. Despite three picks, Sanchez actually performed better than his numbers indicated, and for a brief moment in time, Kelly's offense seemed to click back into rhythm. That was before half the team began the long, slow march to minute No. 60 and before Doug Martin pounded his way to within yards of an Eagles record for defensive futility.

Unfortunately, that probably won't change Kelly's attachment to Bradford, which is why we wait. Ryan Mathews, arguably the best every down-capable running back the team has at the moment, did not clear concussion protocol, per Shurmur, so help isn't on the way just yet.

Instead, we will do our best to anticipate the conclusion of this latest saga in Philadelphia. Shurmur said Bradford threw on Monday, but with a game rapidly closing in, will that be good enough?

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