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Eagles have more QB news at NFL Annual Meeting

PALM BEACH, Fla – Sometimes a good spring cleaning consists of cleaning out the notebook…

Latest on McNabb
» One year ago this month, the Eagles made quarterback news when they used their top pick on Kevin Kolb. Now they have a bit more quarterback news, which Eagles coach Andy Reid delivered Wednesday morning at the NFL Annual Meeting.

Despite some speculation to the contrary, quarterback Donovan McNabb is not being traded. Not only is he not being traded, but no teams have inquired –- at least not recently.

Last fall, one NFC team contacted the Eagles about McNabbi's availability and was told it would take three first-round draft choices to acquire him. Those conversations didn't last long. But now, there haven't been any conversations, meaning the Kolb Era is on hold. Indefinitely.

Madden reaches out
» Interesting tidbit from Giants coach Tom Coughlin, who revealed that after he opted to play his starters in the regular-season finale against the New England Patriots, Hall-of-Fame coach and legendary broadcaster John Madden called and left him an emotional voice mail message.

On the message, Madden saluted Coughlin for his decision and the Giants for the way they played. Madden went on and on in his praise, and the message left its mark on Coughlin.

He was so moved by the voicemail that Coughlin played it for his entire team the week before they played at Tampa against the Buccaneers in the opening round of the playoffs.

It was there that the Giants started the run that became one of the most memorable in NFL posteason history, ultimately beating the same Patriots team that they lost to in the regular-season finale.

Raiders could toe the line again
» Just because offensive lineman Robert Gallery failed to develop into the Pro Bowl player the Raiders hoped he would doesn't mean Oakland would hesitate to pick another offensive lineman that high.

The Raiders are planning to bring Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long to Oakland on Tuesday through Wednesday for a visit with team officials.

Mock drafts


Who do Pat Kirwan and Vic Carucci believe the Raiders will select with the No. 4 overall pick?

Oakland has the fourth overall pick and, depending on how the first three picks fall, Long could be available to them. Oakland is making sure it is well prepared for that scenario and it will have an even better feel for Long after its visit with him next week.

Don't forget, Oakland has drafted a Michigan offensive tackle high before. Back in 1992, it used the 32nd overall pick on Michigan offensive tackle Greg Skrepenak, who now is involved in politics in his homestate of Pennsylvania and might consider running for the United States House of Representatives.

Man of many hats
» Anyone who had any questions about who was making the decisions for the Raiders had them answered Tuesday, when Oakland head coach Lane Kiffin described the role of team owner Al Davis.

About Davis' role, Kiffin said: "Because of the fact that we don't have a general manager, he's really the general manager. He's kind of the general manager, director of college scouting, director of pro personnel and sometimes the defensive coordinator."

Missing attraction
» Owners meetings just aren't the same without Davis around. For the first time in a long time –- maybe ever? –- Davis failed to attend the NFL Annual Meeting. His absence was noticeable.

No one quite knows why Davis stayed away, but it is a long trip from Oakland to Palm Beach, Fla., and not an easy one to make. But the halls of the hotel and its lobby simply were not the same without Davis roaming them.

His presence was missed this week, truly.

Practical joker
» Cowboys coach Wade Phillips walked over to this reporter in the hotel on Tuesday night to inform him that the trade for Adam "Pacman" Jones was complete.

As this reporter began probing for trade details, Phillips burst into a huge smile and announced, "April Fools!"

It was about the final comments that Phillips had about Jones. At the NFC Coaches breakfast on Wednesday, Phillips declined to talk about any players not on his team. As wave after wave of reporters approached him, the answer was the same.

The only Jones' in Dallas worth talking about now are Jerry, Stephen and Jerry Jr.

Waiting game
» There is a feeling from people in the know that former Patriots employee Matt Walsh lacks the evidence that some think he has on his former team.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, in his strongest comments to date, even went as far Wednesday as to challenge Walsh to step forward with any evidence that he has implied he has.

"I don't like anyone putting out accusations about the league or any of our clubs like that," Goodell said. "If he has said that he has evidence, I would like to see that. I've said from the beginning of this incident that if there's new information that comes to the public or to me, I have the right to reopen this issue and I will. But the reality is that we haven't gotten any new facts here for seven months.

"I presume I would be and at some point I will run out of patience, because I think it's unfortunate. I think the last time he was a Patriots employee was back in early 2000. So, we're talking about six or seven years since he's left the league. He's certainly made it known publicly that he has something. I would like to see him present that."

Yet until the NFL lawyers and Walsh's lawyers are finished lawyering, the topic will not go away.

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