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Eagles expected to pick up Nick Foles' $20M option

Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles are taking their next step.

The Eagles are expected to pick up Foles' 2019 contract option for $20 million, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Saturday on Super Bowl LIVE.

Thereafter, Rapoport added, Foles would likely give Philadelphia $2 million to essentially "buy his freedom," Rapoport said, and become a free agent. From there, the Eagles would likely put a franchise tag on Foles and look to trade him after. Another possibility is that after Foles pays the $2 million buyout, Philly could let him go into free agency and gain a compensatory draft pick.

"Either way, it's a little bit of a game of chicken right now," Rapoport said, "we do not know how the Eagles are going to proceed after Foles gives them $2 million back for his freedom."

There is also the possibility that the 29-year-old quarterback could simply be traded after his option is picked up without going through the buyout and franchise-tagging. However, Rapoport added that Foles would likely get a new contract from whichever team traded for him.

Following the season, Eagles coach Doug Pederson stated that "Carson [Wentz] is the quarterback going forward."

Thus, figuring out how to part ways with Foles has become paramount.

During the recently concluded 2018 campaign, Foles led the Eagles on a three-game winning streak to end the season with more than 300 yards in each game before a thrilling upset of the third-seeded Bears during NFC Wild Card Weekend.

The news comes on the eve of Super Bowl LIII, a season after Foles quarterbacked Philadelphia past New England for the franchise's first and only Super Bowl title and garnered game most valuable player honors in the process.

"There are a lot of different options here," Rapoport said, "but the biggest step along the way is are they going to exercise the $20 million-contract option. I am told they are, in fact, expected to."

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