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Dwayne Haskins gets Theismann blessing to wear No. 7

Dwayne Haskins has Joe Theismann's blessing to wear the Washington Redskins' No. 7 jersey.

The legendary Redskins quarterback told the Grant & Danny show on 106.7 The Fan Wednesday he spoke with the newest Washington quarterback about dusting off the number.

"I just got off the phone with Dwayne just a little while ago, and I told him it was OK to wear No. 7," Theismann said, via the radio station's website. "I've given him permission. Not that I feel like I needed to, but he was respectful enough to ask.

"We had a really nice conversation. It's important to him. And hey, I want the kid to be successful. He doesn't need to worry about, 'Well, I wish I could've worn a different jersey. I wish I could've worn a number.'

"If this is one less thing that puts any problems out there or issues out there for him or statements or comments, let's make his life as easy possible, so that we can get the success from him that we're hoping and expecting."

The conversation came days after Theismann suggested the Redskins might finally make the famous No. 7 available to Haskins, who donned the number at Ohio State.

With Theismann's blessing, the decision will come down to whether the organization is ready to dust off 7 and give it to its first-round quarterback. Getting the blessing of the QB who led Washington to a Super Bowl XVII title is a big step.

No Washington player has worn the jersey number since Theismann retired in 1985.

After 30-plus seasons without a No. 7, perhaps another quarterback touting the number could become part of the lore that gets the Redskins back into the Super Bowl hunt.

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