Driven Stronger: Stars aligned perfectly for Bush

So, Benjamin Franklin once claimed "Every problem is an opportunity in disguise." That's really great, Ben. But unless the Founding Fathers of this country played in some kind of Revolutionary War fantasy league where points were awarded on which belligerents won or lost specific battles, he wouldn't have any idea how to handle this sitution. I'd say America's Team losing Aaron Rodgers for what looks like four to six weeks looks a hell of a lot more like a problem than an opportunity.

Replacing Rodgers isn't the only obstacle standing in front of continued success, though. There are a few other team management issues that need to be addressed before a critical game against Akbar Gbajabiamila's team. Help out, will ya? I know we can still save this season with some creative maneuvering. I would really hate to look back on this season and have the visual of a big win over Molly Qerim's team coming with a hefty cost -- Aaron Rodgers walking gingerly off the field and ultimately not playing again, and with him went our fantasy title hopes.

Now, onto the Week 10 guys who will be motivated to play just a little harder. And by the way, I'm thrilled Eddie Lacy read this column last week -- how else can we explain him finally putting together the complete game his owners were waiting for? Kenny Stills, however, has got some reading to do ...

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