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Driven stronger: Redemption for Ridley, Thompkins?

Not a bad opening week. Last week in this space, I predicted Peyton Manning as my top candidate for a guy who would be driven to post a big day. Maybe I should start writing these columns while sitting on a folding chair next to the nearest lottery ticket dispenser.

Before we get into who will go all-out for a big Week 2, I regret to inform those of you who aren't aware that Team America suffered a heartbreaking loss to Michael Fabiano's team in Week 1. We trailed all weekend, then took the lead going into Monday night after DeSean Jackson's big opener, but Arian Foster did just enough -- literally, by a few rushing yards -- to get Fabs the win. As a pseudo-government official, I demand a recount!

Nonetheless, we collectively head into Week 2, and I need your help. Zach Sudfeld was a no-show and won't play tonight either, so we need to do some tight end shopping. Have your say, and let's beat up on our own Jason Smith while he's down!

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