Driven Stronger: Dez will stay motivated in Week 9

So, as long as America's team is in a fantasy recession, we may as well joke about it.

What does America's Team have in common with the American flag?

Well, if Week 8 was anything to go by, the answer is both of them disappeared after the national anthems which preceded the kickoffs.

Rob Gronkowski? Thanks for nothing. Marshawn Lynch -- going against a Rams defense against which he had rushed for 100-plus in three straight games? I'd have been better off starting Jim Brown.

I also realized we had too many Patriots in our starting lineup (Ridley, Edelman, Gronkowski AND Thompkins), and 15 minutes before the games kicked off, I asked Marcas Grant "Umm, what happens if New England's offense sputters?" The answer came just as he predicted: "America's Team is screwed." And screwed we were. Even though I made the decision to bench Edelman at the last second, it wouldn't have mattered in the end. Adam Rank's undefeated start to the season continues -- at our expense.

I almost don't even want to talk about it. But it's our job to stop the downward spiral. You soundly rejected a trade offer of Justin Blackmon for Rob Gronkowski, so what should we do? I dropped Mike Williams and added Eddie Royal for now, although some of you are interested in pursuing other options. So, lets talk about them and lets get this thing back on track.

For now, here are a few guys who will be amped for Week 9:

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