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Driven stronger: AFC North WRs under the microscope

The waiting is finally over. Football is here. The real stuff, not the glorified scrimmages. Tonight is the appetizer before the full Sunday buffet.

Before we get there, though, don't forget to take your shot at winning $1 million by entering the NFL Fantasy Perfect Challenge. It's an extremely cool game, and while I'm unfortunately ineligible to win any prizes, I promise I'll let you buy me dinner should you go on to win with some help from my tips.

Oh yeah, one other thing, I'm kind of captaining the America's Team ship for this season. Consider me your fantasy congressional representative! I'm putting as many decisions as I can up for vote to the general public and need your help. Before Sunday, feel free to send your thoughts for who our Week 1 flex starter should be. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just click the link and it'll all make sense.

For now, we'll take a look at some players who might have a little extra motivation heading into Week 1. Here's one for each position.

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