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Dri Archer looks to break out as Steelers' return man

Dri Archer is ready to try again in 2015.

The Steelers believed they landed a playmaker last spring when they used a third-round pick on Archer, the fastest player in his draft class. But Archer struggled to find a niche, managing just 63 yards rushing and receiving. He also failed to make an impact as a kick returner, and was stripped of those duties by the end of the season.

"Yeah, I was disappointed," Archer said, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "But I got to work on my craft and work on some things. That's what I've been doing this offseason."

Year 2 for Archer is about finding a way to turn his 4.26 40 speed into an asset the Steelers offense can deploy. The coaching staff is keeping the faith, and Archer appears to be in line to once again step into the kick-returning job. He averaged just 17.9 yards per return last season.

"I keep on working at it and, when the time comes, it will come," Archer said. "It's different than college. It's not more about running. It's more about reading -- reading your blockers, reading the lanes. It's just different.

"The players are smarter. Everyone has a job to do, and they want to do their job as best they can."

Last season, Archer looked like the classic gadget player who can't find a role at the next level. His job now is to eliminate those perceptions.

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