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Drew Stanton touchdown celebration is an ode to joy

The best moment of NFL Sunday was Drew Stanton celebrating Andre Ellington's touchdown run against the Seahawks on Sunday night. I will not debate this.

In front of Al, Cris and the world, Stanton pranced down the sideline and expressed himself in a way I imagine Phil Collins once celebrated being told a Genesis album went to No. 1. It was exuberant, natural, white. So very white.

The Cardinals offered up this GIF after Stanton's show within the show:

This is not a very good GIF, because it leaves out the essential leg kick that punctuates the jollification.

Here's what the official NFL Twitter account offered up to the masses one minute later:

OK, the crucial leg kick is in there, but the absence of the full sideline journey leaves some joy on the cutting room floor.

Nope, a GIF simply cannot do Stanton justice. Here's the full video, in all its un-cut glory:

I christen this celebration: GENESIS.

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