Drew Brees was never concerned over trade talks

It looks like Drew Brees has a different relationship with the New Orleans Saints than Jimmy Graham ever had.

When asked about the trade rumors surrounding him this offseason, Brees was able to confidently laugh them off. As he told reporters on Wednesday, the Saints would have come to him first if they were thinking of making a deal.

"I would have people come and, 'So I hear you're getting traded to Tampa,'" Brees said, via ESPN.com. "Oh, OK, great. And then the next week, it's like, OK, who is it this week? Buffalo? Or wherever else. So I lost track. But again, I know that if things like that were taking place that I have the type of relationship with our team, our organization, that I would know about those things. So when I hear them second-hand or from a media outlet or whatever, I don't really pay it much attention."

When Graham was dealt, he described a moment of shock followed by an intense curiosity surrounding his destination.

But the reality is, there's probably no situation where a player is intensely involved in trade negotiations unless a deal needs to be worked out on the other end. As ludicrous as dealing Brees sounds right now, would anyone have been completely surprised given the Saints' turnover this offseason?

In addition, would involving Brees in those talks be good business? Probably not.

The good news, though, is that Brees wouldn't deny sticking around a lot longer when asked about his contract on Wednesday. Though it runs through 2017, the balky cap numbers could be prime for an extension to even out the money.

When asked about the possibility, he had this:

"I mean, listen, if there was, I wouldn't say anything about it, just like there's a lot of things that I won't comment on from a contract standpoint," Brees said. "Because those conversations are between me and our organization, and that's the stance I'll always take on that."

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