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Drew Brees: 'No validity' that Saints want to draft QB

Like most good businesses, the New Orleans Saints have an eye toward the future, even in prosperous times.

On Sunday, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Saintswill look to select a rookie quarterback in the 2015 draft as they prepare for the eventual day when Drew Brees steps away from football.

In one of his plethora of appearances during his paid-to-talk tour on Monday, Brees told Fox Sports radio he "got wind" of the report after their victory Sunday.

"Something like that -- I know it has absolutely no validity to it," Brees said, via The Times-Picayune. "A lot of time you can look at who's writing that stuff and you can say 'all right this guy is trying to make a splash or trying to make a name for himself,' whatever it might be.

"In a lot of cases I'm not sure where they get their information, if they just completely make it up or if there are sources that are their cousins."

If by "no validity" he means, "makes sense," then we agree.

Ignoring the unnecessary pot shot at our guy Rapoport, it's possible Brees didn't get wind of the entire report accurately or perhaps he doesn't want to consider a time when he's not playing football.

If the New England Patriots can draft multiple backups behind Tom Brady, the Denver Broncos can groom Brock Osweiler in case Peyton Manning walks away and the Packers can upset Brett Favre by taking Aaron Rodgers (this exercise could go on ad nauseam), you could see how the Saints would view the value in finding some insurance for their 35-year-old quarterback -- if nothing else, they might earn a trade chip for down the road.

Hopefully we get to watch Brees play for another 10 years, but the Saints can't cling to the hope that their quarterback's claim he could play until 45 comes true.

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