Dream landing spots for the top fantasy free agents

With the NFL free agency period officially starting this Wednesday, plenty of high-profile fantasy names could be changing jerseys for big paydays before the week is over. So where should fantasy fans hope star players like Doug Martin, Lamar Miller, Chris Ivory and Matt Forte land? After some deep thinking and research, I've compiled my dream landing spots for 10 of the top fantasy free agents below. Take a look, and let me know where you'd like to see these players land in the comments or on Twitter (the better option) @AlexGelhar.

While Martin is seeking a massive payday, the best situation from a fantasy perspective would probably be for Martin to remain in Tampa Bay. Now head coach Dirk Koetter pounded the table for Martin last offseason, and proceeded to give him 72 percent of the backfield carries (fifth-highest percentage in the league). Martin staying in Tampa would give the Bucs a talented, young core with Jameis Winston and Mike Evans, allowing this offense to build off of its success in 2015. Sure, Charles Sims will steal some work, but as we saw in 2015, this offense allows both of them to be highly successsful. Other option(s): Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans

For the last two years, fantasy fans have been clamoring for a new back to pick up DeMarco Murray's mantle in Dallas running behind the best offensive line in football. Miller has been misused (and probably underused) while in Miami, and he's clamoring for the chance to be a featured back. A capable runner between the tackles with solid hands catching passes, Miller could be a difference maker in Dallas. Darren McFadden is still under contract, but Miller's youth and ability would make him the true featured back and a potential fantasy superstar. Other option(s): Miami Dolphins

Editor's note: Chris Ivory is signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Read our analysis is here.

Injuries have been the biggest factor holding Ivory back from being a true fantasy hero, but he finally stayed healthy enough last year to cross the 1,000 yard mark and finish among the top 10 running backs in fantasy. The Patriots have cut ties with their erstwhile hammer back, LeGarrette Blount, meaning they need a new powerful complement to jitterbug Dion Lewis. Ivory and Lewis make too much sense, as their abilities marry really well into a 1-2 punch, and Lewis' significant role in the offense would keep Ivory fresh and lessen his chance of injury by reducing the punishment he faces. Ivory has averaged 209 carries a year in his last three injury shortened seasons. Working in the Patriots offense could help him remain as efficient from a fantasy perspective while bringing that carry number down. Other option(s): Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders

Matt Forte goes to ... the New York Jets

Forte, an all-time great Chicago Bear, will be looking for a new home in 2015. He's expressed a desire to go to a contender, which is why some have wondered if he'd join a team like the Packers or Patriots, who both have a need for running back depth. While I'd love to see Forte get a ring, selfishly and for fantasy, I hope he reunites for Brandon Marshall in New York City to become the featured back from the Jets. Both Ivory and Bilal Powell are free agents, and the Jets could replace both of their skill sets by signing Forte (for probably less money, too). They could back him up with a mid- to late-round draft pick, and set Forte up for a monster season in their dynamic offense. Other option(s): Houston Texans

The Packers offense will remain one of the league's best as long as Aaron Rodgers is under center. However, this unit was at its most dangerous when they had the athletic, seam-stretching Jermichael Finley owning the middle of the field. Green showed he could do just that filling in for Antonio Gates to start the season (174 yards, two touchdowns in three games), and pairing him with Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb would create one of the most frightening passing attacks in the league. Richard Rodgers is a nice role player, but he wouldn't pose a threat to Green in terms of targets and potential in this offense. *Other option(s): Atlanta Falcons *

Why ruin a good thing? Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates have connected for 76 touchdowns -- the most by any quarterback-pass catcher duo in NFL history. Both are getting up there in age, but Gates proved he could still play last season, and should remain a low-end TE1 if he keeps his mind-meld with Rivers intact cfor another year in San Diego. Other option(s): Pittsburgh Steelers

I was originally thinking that Jones joining the Lions would be the ideal situation, but after discussing his prospects with Matt Harmon recently, we agreed the Giants would be better. Being the second option to Odell Beckham Jr. would be the perfect role for Jones' skill set, as while he was used as a deep threat often in Cincinnati, he's more adept at intermediate routes and racking up yards after the catch. Jones would also give the Giants receiving corps more size, too. Eli Manning would enjoy his best wide receiving duo since he had Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks back in 2011, with fantasy fans being the true benefactors. Other option(s): Detroit Lions

Of all the dream spots on this list, Benjamin to the Falcons might be my favorite. The Falcons suffered from a lack of speed on offense last year, and Benjamin has that in droves. What he also has is an unheralded ability to run routes and put top-notch corners on skates. Benjamin's speed would keep defenses honest and not allow them to bracket Jones constantly with safety help. Benjamin could be just the shot of life Matt Ryan and this offense need to get back to the level they were at before Father Time got the best of Roddy White. Other option(s): Houston Texans

*Arian Foster goes to ... the Oakland Raiders *

Foster was a hard free agent to pin down, as some of the contending teams he'd probably like to go to (Patriots, Packers) probably don't want to invest the needed money into a back who will be 30 years old this year coming off two big injuries (groin, Achilles). That's why I settled on the Raiders (I initially had him with the Titans before DeMarco Murray was traded there). The Raiders gave Latavius Murray 88.9 percent of the backfield carries last season, but seem underwhelmed with his production. The Raiders offense has a fantastic young nucleus that could benefit from the gifted, veteran presence of Foster. He could form a great 1-2 punch with Murray, doing damage out of the backfield as well. Foster certainly wouldn't see as many touches as he did while in Houston, but he could make for a nice RB2-3 in Oakland, carrying his usual injury risk. *Other option(s): Indianapolis Colts

To be honest, it was hard finding a dream spot for Morris, as his limitations in the passing game (47 career receptions in four seasons) create a conundrum for scheme fit. That being said, Andrew Luck will need a solid running game once again in 2016, and with Frank Gore setting up to battle Father Time once again, Morris could come in to help keep the offense chugging along. It'd be nice to see the team employ Morris a little more frequently as a pass-catcher to see if he can improve there, but at worse Morris' downhill style seems to fit what offensive coordinator Rod Chudzinski will want. Other option(s): Dallas Cowboys

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