Drake: Friend To All NFL Superstars

If the 2018 NFL Draft had a soundtrack, it would be recorded and produced by Drake.

Aubrey Graham dominated the walk-out song circuit, providing the tunes for five future NFL stars as they went on stage to hug Roger Goodell. From "God's Plan" to "Glow" to "Do Not Disturb," the league's love for Champagne Papi is real and it is not exactly a secret.

Another poorly-kept secret: The feeling is very much mutual. Just peek at Drake's Instagram feed and you'll notice the Grammy Award-winner just wants to lace 'em up and tackle someone on Sundays.

Exhibit A: This recent post featuring Giants superstar wideout Odell Beckham Jr.

Note to NFL cornerbacks: Don't think you can get away with smack-talking OBJ like this. Drake's bromance with Big Blue's top target goes back (like one-three) to a 2015 Charity Softball Game in Houston.

Let's set the stage here. Odell is your reigning Rookie of the Year. Drake just went platinum with If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. Play ball, gentlemen.

Fast forward to spring 2016 -- the bromance has grown exponentially. What's the next step? Moving in together.

The pair is seen hosting what appears to be some crazy backyard jumpsuit parties... featuring Patriots star Rob Gronkowski and Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola.

OBJ and Drake became so close that Drake lyrics even creeped their way into the scalding OBJ-Josh Norman feud of 2015-16.

There are enough examples to go around like when ...

OBJ joined Drake in the studio.

Met Drake's mom.

Got a hospital visit from Drizzy after his season-ending injury.

Lip-synched to his own Drake bars last year at Coachella.

Drake is open to any superstar receiver who wants to hang, though. If they want to cameo in a music video and hand out a million dollars to strangers - like Steelers All-Pro Antonio Brown - that's cool, too.

Looks like "No New Friends" only applies to those of us who don't play in the NFL. Or play the super-popular online game Fortnite, like eSports legend Ninja, Travis Scott, and... another Steelers receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Can we also talk about that time Drake showed up in Seattle to bro out with the Seahawks? Call him the referee because he's so official.

That visit must've doubled as a business meeting for then-Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Because earlier this year, Sherman teamed up with Drake's dad to launch a line of snazzy suits.

Now let's circle back to the 2018 NFL Draft, brought to you by Drake's music. It's the only one in league history featuring a Heisman winner at the top and bottom of the first round.

Should a certain former Heisman winner make an NFL comeback in the same year, we know who'll be playing in the background. HINT: He's a former Canadian television star.

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