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Draft prospect Forrest Lamp to endorse lamps

Forrest Lamp knows marketing.

As Michael Scott always said: K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Lamp was born with a built-in marketing opportunity in his last name.

The Western Kentucky offensive lineman, and top-graded guard expected to be drafted in the first round, which opens tonight at 8 p.m. ET in Philadelphia, signed an endorsement deal with Lamps Plus.

(Insert "I Love Lamp!" joke here)

"The opportunity to partner with Lamps Plus before my rookie NFL season, especially with my last name, is the perfect scenario," Lamp said in the press release. "I'm confident that my girlfriend Natosha and I will have the best-decorated and most well-lit rookie home in our new team city!"

Oh how the puns and dad jokes are everywhere. Even the Lamp Plus CEO couldn't help himself.

"...Similarly, Forrest Lamp will be providing comfort and security for quarterbacks and running backs throughout his promising NFL career," Dennis Swanson said. "While his name is perfect to endorse our company, we really like Forrest's work ethic and enthusiasm. He will shine at the professional level."

OMG. Lamp will shine! On-the-nose humor is great.

Lamp might not be only draft prospect to leverage his last name. Here is Michigan tight end Jake Butt:

If you got, flaunt it.

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