Draft preview: Cotchery, Olsen headline fantasy sleepers

The word "sleeper" has several definitions. But in the world of fantasy football, it refers to a player who comes out of nowhere and exceeds statistical expectations.

The 2007 NFL season was a virtual cornucopia of sleepers, as Derek Anderson, David Garrard, Earnest Graham, Ryan Grant, Kenny Watson and Wes Welker were just a few of the players that made significant contributions for their respective teams when far less was expected of them in fantasy land. Some sleepers are impossible to predict (Grant saw a chance only after several backfield injuries occured in Green Bay), while other prognosticators take the easier path and label a player like Earnest Graham a sleeper for 2008.

Unless you lived under a rock last season, Graham is not a sleeper.

In our never ending quest to assist fantasy owners in their quest for a league championship, here's a look at 10 legitimate sleeper candidates heading into this season.

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